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Meaning of the song ‘P.S.K. ‘What Does It Mean’?’ by ‘Schoolly D’

Released: 1985

“P.S.K. ‘What Does It Mean’?” by Schoolly D is a seminal piece of hip-hop history that provides an intimate look into the trials and tribulations of the urban experience while also introducing listeners to a vibrant and influential subculture. Through his raw, unfiltered flow, Schoolly D explores themes of street credibility, parties, escapades with women, and confrontations with rival MCs, all while broadly painting a picture of the grim realities of the street life.

The song’s chorus, “P.S.K, we’re making that green; People always say, what the hell does that mean?” is a reference to the Park Side Killers, a prominent Philadelphia gang at the time. The acronym P.S.K., as Schoolly D himself states within the song, stands for: P – for the people who can’t understand how one homeboy became a man, S – for the way we scream and shout, and, K – for the way his DJ cuts, with every line reflecting the raw, unfiltered nature of street life as he perceives it.

Moving to the next verses, he talks about cruising in his fancy car, picking up an attractive lady, buying drinks, smoking ‘j’ (slang for marijuana), and eventually ending up in bed with her. The woman turns out to be a ‘whore’, a revelation that doesn’t seem to phase Schoolly D, as he nonchalantly recounts the experience. This verse adds a gritty flavor of street hedonism to the narrative, echoing the raw nature of street life.

As the narrative progresses, Schoolly D presents a chilling scene from a party where he confronts a rival MC — a ‘sucker-ass nigga’ as he terms it, for trying to imitate his style. The lyrics depict how Schoolly D aims his pistol at the imitator’s head, but spares him in the end upon realizing that violence would only lead to incarceration. Instead, he asserts his dominance by grabbing the microphone and stealing the spotlight, driving the imitation MC away. This incident serves as an affirmation of his status and street credibility.

Overall, “P.S.K. ‘What Does It Mean’?” is a bold lyrical representation of Schoolly D’s own experiences and perspectives. It effortlessly melds the raw energy of street life with the rhythmic pulse of hip-hop, asserting his persona and authenticity through uncompromising storytelling.

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