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Meaning of the song ‘Paper Chasers’ by ‘Kevin Gates’

Released: 2013

“Paper Chasers” by Kevin Gates is a raw reflection on the hustle and the relentless pursuit of money in the streets. Gates doesn’t shy away from detailing the risks and the grind involved in chasing that paper, blending street wisdom with personal experiences to draw a vivid picture of his world. The song peels back the curtain on the life of someone deeply entrenched in the hustle, illustrating both the allure and the perilous nature of the game.

The opening lines of “Paper Chasers” set the scene with Gates talking about his love for the hustle—dealing with drugs, being always prepared for a confrontation (“Glock in my back pocket, already cocked okay I’m clockin’ cheese”), and navigating the dangerous alleyways of his environment. This isn’t just about making money; it’s about survival, about thriving in a realm where the rules are dictated by the street. The mention of “Coke and rock and choppin’ off ’em, private goin’ on shoppin’ sprees” dives into the dual nature of his lifestyle, contrasting the illicit activities with the luxurious rewards they bring.

Gates doesn’t hold back in sharing the darker aspects of the hustle. From losing money due to poor product (“This bullshit you sold me got a Inisotol no soda on it”) to the potential for violence that accompanies street-level entrepreneurship (“Move wrong while the tool long, I put your ass on Street Beat”), he paints a picture of constant vigilance and readiness for betrayal or confrontation. This life is not for the faint-hearted, and Gates uses his lyrics to emphasize the stakes involved.

Throughout the song, Kevin Gates weaves in references to the culture and lifestyle associated with the hustle. Mentioning places like Ponchatoula and Springfield points to the geographical span of his dealings, while references to “extended clip on the nine milli’,” and “a lot of hollow tips no refill” highlight the omnipresent threat of violence. The line “In the winter time no heat here” illustrates the grim realities of life on the edge, where even basic necessities are a luxury.

The refrain “Coke and rock and choppin’ off ’em, private goin’ on shoppin’ sprees / Glock in my back pocket, already cocked okay I’m clockin’ cheese” serves as a constant reminder of the song’s theme—chasing paper at all costs. Gates encapsulates the grind’s addictive nature, juxtaposing the opulence it can afford against the perilous means of attainment. The song’s repetition of this refrain underscores the cyclical nature of the hustle, an ongoing loop of risk and reward.

Ultimately, “Paper Chasers” by Kevin Gates isn’t just a song; it’s a testament to the grind, a detailed narrative of the lengths to which one will go to achieve success in the unforgiving world of the streets. Through vivid imagery and hard-hitting truths, Gates brings listeners into his reality, showcasing both the appeal and the dangers of a life dedicated to chasing paper. It’s a celebration of resilience and tenacity but also a cautionary tale of the costs associated with such a lifestyle.

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