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Meaning of the song ‘Put ‘Em In Their Place’ by ‘Mobb Deep’

Released: 2006

“Put ‘Em In Their Place” by “Mobb Deep” serves as an assertive declaration of the group’s power, success, and street credibility, a theme that’s reflected frequently in hip-hop narratives. The song features members Prodigy and Havoc reflecting on their rise from the streets of New York to the pinnacles of the hip-hop industry, using wealth, status, and power as their principal markers of success.

The hook, performed by Prodigy, sets the stage for the song’s theme: Mobb Deep’s dominance and eminence in the rap industry. The line “Infamous up in this, you know how we get down” is a reference to their group’s nickname ‘The Infamous’ and establishes their reputation for no-nonsense street authenticity.

Prodigy begins his verse with a series of powerful metaphors that speak to his upbringing and current status. When he says “I was schooled by the hood, raised by the wolves,” he’s asserting his connection to a tough urban upbringing that includes living by survival instincts akin to wolves. His reference to having a “tank for a car, ice for a arm” uses metaphors of heavy artillery and diamonds to signal wealth and power.

Havoc, on his verse, focuses on his journey “from that hallway kissin’, there was room in the Carlton” which seems to be a retrospective look at his development from a hustler on the streets to a successful hip-hop artist. He talks about “gettin’ head in the ’06”, referring to enjoying the benefits of his wealth and success in 2006, when the song was released.

In the final verse, Prodigy taunts their competitors with their newfound wealth and status. When he says “You ain’t the only millionaires on the block no more”, he’s referring to Mobb Deep’s rise to financial success in the hip-hop industry. He implies that their success is part of a new wave, as opposed to the outdated riches of their competitors, which he disparagingly refers to as “old money”.

Ultimately, “Put ‘Em In Their Place” is Mobb Deep’s triumphant anthem of survival, success, and domination in the world of hip-hop. They make it clear through their lyrics that they have not only arrived but have ascended to the top and have no intentions of being moved – hence, anyone who tries to challenge them will promptly be ‘put in their place’.

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