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Meaning of the song ‘Revenge’ by ‘XXXTENTACION’

Released: 2017

Yo, let’s dive into XXXTENTACION’s joint “Revenge,” which is all about the turmoil and aftermath of betrayal, and the struggle to find self-forgiveness when dealing with personal demons. The track is like an emotional purging session, with X goin’ deep into the shadows of his mind, grappling with the concept of revenge and how it intertwines with his own healing.

In this haunting melody, XXXTENTACION kicks off by reflectin’ on his journey towards self-forgiveness. That’s a heavy starting line, where the man is confrontin’ his past mistakes and understandin’ that to move forward, he’s gotta come to terms with himself. That’s a universal theme right there—before you can square up with the world, you gotta find peace within your own heart and soul.

Then X drops into this vivid imagery of “I’ve dug two graves for us, my dear,” and straight away, you know it’s real talk. It’s like he’s sayin’ for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction, word to Newton. But he ain’t just talking physics; he’s diving into the emotional laws of human nature. By admitting he wasn’t perfect and leaving someone in fear, he’s revealing the duality of his actions and their consequences. The two graves represent the destructive end he sees for both himself and the one he wronged, symbolizing the fatal outcome of his emotions.

The line “Some kill, some steal, some break your heart” is X paintin’ the picture of the world’s cold realities. People do grimy things, it’s part of life’s ugly side. When he talks about not lettin’ go and letting you walk, X is caught between the desire for vengeance and the wisdom of letting go. But peep this, “broken hearts break bones, so break up fast” is a powerful metaphor. X is saying emotional hurt can feel as real as physical pain, so it’s better to end things before the damage deepens.


The hook is hypnotic, with its repetition, “In my grave, I’ll rot”—it’s like X is trapped in this cycle of festering resentment and pain, unable to let go of the hurt, even in death. The rhetorical question “Is my pain your freedom?” hits hard, suggesting that perhaps the person who wronged him feels liberated by his suffering. It’s a raw look at the cost of betrayal and the twisted satisfaction that the perpetrator might get from it.

All throughout “Revenge,” XXXTENTACION flexes poetic expression and pulls listeners into this whirlpool of emotion. He ain’t just talking about the streets or the struggle; he’s revealing the heart’s battlefields and the scars they leave behind. In a world where the realness gets cluttered with clout chasing and frontin’, X comes through with a dose of deep introspection and, whether you vibe with his methods or not, you gotta respect the candidness of his confessions.

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