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Meaning of the song ‘Sally’ by ‘Stetsasonic’

Released: 1988

“Sally” by Stetsasonic is a classic hip-hop cut that verbalizes a genuine appreciation for an intriguing girl who’s out of the ordinary. This narrative track portrays Sally’s character through the lens of Stetsasonic’s members, revealing her quirks and peculiarities, making her a point of fascination to them and the people around.

Starting off with Daddy-O and Delite, they swiftly introduce us to Sally. She doesn’t ‘score,’ implying she’s not into drugs, and ‘doesn’t eat pork,’ which could either mean she’s health-conscious or might hint at religious beliefs. The chorus, repeated throughout the song, points out that people don’t like the way Sally walks, suggesting a dissonance between how she navigates life and societal norms.

Daddy-O proceeds to share his first interaction with Sally. He’s instantly attracted to her uniqueness – the abundant money, the hazel eyes, and the nasally voice that he finds inexplicably appealing. It’s not all roses, though, as Delite relays a tale of a party thrown by Sally that unfortunately turned out disappointing, hinting at the complex nature of Sally.

The bridge is a straightforward salute to Sally, repeating her name and signifying her importance. It also hints at the group’s rhythmic appreciation of her persona. Daddy-O further deepens the intrigue surrounding Sally – calling her a ‘Brooklyn swinga’ – someone who’s lively, energetic, and fully into the Brooklyn scene.

The song takes an emotional turn as Daddy-O confesses his strong feelings towards Sally and reveals that they are currently in a relationship. He goes further to say that they’re happily content in each other’s company. Frukwan jumps in confessing his love for Sally, with Delite following suit contemplating tying the knot. Despite societal views, they are stuck on Sally and ignore all narratives about her, demonstrating their loyalty to her.

In summary, “Sally” isn’t just about one girl; it’s a representation of those who dare to defy societal norms and be themselves, irrespective of others’ views. Stetsasonic, through this song, celebrates this girl, highlighting their affection and admiration for her unique persona, despite, or perhaps due to, her idiosyncrasies.

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