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Meaning of the song ‘Say It’ by ‘Tory Lanez’

Released: 2016

Alright peeps, let’s unpack Tory Lanez’s 2015 banger “Say It.” At its core, this song explores the dynamics of wealth, attraction, and expectations within a romantic relationship, all to the beat of a killer track. Tory Lanez is here questioning the authenticity of his relationships, asking if his lady is with him for love or the luxurious lifestyle he can offer.

Verse 1 opens with Tory calling out the elephant in the room: “You wouldn’t want a young nigga if I wasn’t whippin’ this foreign.” He’s bluntly stating that his status and the “foreign” (a term used for expensive, import cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris) he drives are major draws for his girl. It’s a critical look at the motivations in the relationship, reflecting the pressures of having dough in the game.

The chorus, with its hook “You gon have to do more than just (say it).” is Tory challenging his girl to show her love through actions, not just words. When he says, “Lil mama you know I (show it)”, he’s assertively highlighting the commitment he’s shown and calling for reciprocity. He wants her to prove her affection, to demonstrate that she’s not just with him for the lavish lifestyle.

In verse 2, Tory Lanez continues dealing with his insecurities: “You know I know that this ain’t right / Cause you want me cause I got dough / Ever since you walked in inside my foreign, slam my door.” Here, he points out the specific moment when materialism began to overshadow their relationship, pinpointing when she entered his “foreign” (again, referencing his expensive ride).

Despite these doubts, Tory admits to his attraction to her, stating, “Love when you spin round on it, yeah / Even though a young nigga want you / Shawty I promise the truth.” He enjoys their physical relationship and implicitly wants it to continue, but he won’t back down from expecting honesty and authenticity from her.

The song ends with Tory encouraging his girl to “Say it baby, do it baby / Show it baby, prove it baby.” The repetition suggests a lingering hope for something real amidst the glitz and glamour of his lifestyle. He’s encouraging her to step up, prove her love, and possibly reassuring her that he wants to believe in it.

In essence, “Say It” is Tory Lanez’s gritty exploration of love in the flashy, opulent world of hip-hop, where distinguishing between genuine feelings and material attraction can get pretty twisted. It’s an inward examination wrapped in catchy beats, and a nod to the complicated intersections of wealth, status, and love in this game we call hip-hop.

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