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Meaning of the song ‘Seigfried’ by ‘Frank Ocean’

Released: 2016

“Seigfried” by Frank Ocean is an introspective journey, a confessional outing of the artist’s struggle with understanding and accepting himself amidst societal expectations. The track digs deep into Ocean’s internal conflicts, wrestling between conformity and individuality, while also confronting the concept of unrequited love.

The song kicks off with cryptic imagery, talking about ‘markings on your surface and your speckled face.’ This could be a way of illustrating someone’s imperfections, possibly a reference to a lover or even a reflection of Frank himself. When he mentions “flawed crystals hanging from your ears,” he could be pointing to the beauty found in imperfection, a theme that reverberates throughout the track.

As Frank says, “I’d rather live outside, I’d rather chip my pride than lose my mind out here,” he articulates his discomfort with societal norms, literally expressing his preference for exile over conforming. The lines about settling down with two kids and a swimming pool depict the stereotypical American Dream, which Frank openly labels as a path he might not be brave enough to follow.

The phrase “I’m living over city and taking in the homeless sometimes” might speak to his feelings of disconnection with society, while simultaneously expressing his compassion for fellow outcasts. In the lyrics “Been living in an idea from another man’s mind”, we get a sense of Frank’s struggle with identity and societal expectations.

In a poignant moment, Frank exudes raw vulnerability, admitting “I’ve tried hell,” possibly acknowledging past hardships or experiences with depression. The phrase “the other side of the loop is a loop” might be a commentary on the cycle of suffering and how escaping one form of pain can lead to another.

The frequent repetition of “This feels how molly must feel” could be referencing the euphoria associated with the drug MDMA, suggesting a desire for escape or transcendence. The lines “This is not my life, It’s just a fond farewell to a friend” may signify a pivotal moment of self-realization or a farewell to a past self.

When Frank says “Speaking of nirvana, it was there,” he could be juxtaposing the pursuit of a blissful state with his actual experiences. The intricate sequence of a dream within a thought is a metaphysical exploration of the inner mind, culminating with “getting a glimmer of God,” a testament to his quest for enlightenment.

The ending of the track, repeating “I’d do anything for you,” captures a sense of longing and unrequited love. More than a song, “Seigfried” is an introspective dialogue, a psychological and emotional exploration that delves deep into Frank Ocean’s inner psyche and reveals the complexities and contradictions present in his life.

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