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Meaning of the song ‘Self Care’ by ‘Mac Miller’

Released: 2018

“Self Care” by Mac Miller is a self-reflective journey through the struggles of life, the search for personal growth, and the importance of self care amidst chaos and adversity. With a vibe that bounces between melancholy introspection and defiant optimism, Miller weaves a narrative that’s deeply rooted in personal experiences and universal truths.

Opening up with “I switched the time zone, but what do I know?”, Miller sets the tone for a song that delves into his experience navigating his personal journey. At face value, this line may seem to point at his jet-setter lifestyle, but dig deeper and it’s clear that it’s about feeling lost and searching for his place in the world.

The hook of the song is a repetitive mantra of self-empowerment. Miller asserts, “Self-care, I’m treatin’ me right, yeah/ Hell yeah, we gonna be alright”. The repetition serves to normalize the practice of self-care, emphasizing that it is as inevitable as the hardships of life. It’s about acknowledging the self struggles but also reaffirming the belief in one’s ability to overcome.

When Mac says “I been losin’ my, I been losin’ my, I been losin’ my mind, yeah”, he is articulating a state of mental unrest. It’s a bold admittance of his emotional turmoil – a showing vulnerability which adds authenticity to his narrative. At the same time, his chorus line of “I just slide in and then I roll out” signifies moving through life’s struggles with resilience and adaptability.

The lines, “I didn’t know, I didn’t know / Well, didn’t know what I was missin’, now I see a lil’ different / I was thinkin’ too much / Got stuck in oblivion”, evoke a feeling of enlightenment and growth. The “oblivion” here is likely a metaphor for the state of feeling lost and adrift. So, when he sings, “I got all the time in the world, so for now I’m just chillin'”, he’s expressing a newfound contentment in self, and patience against life’s chaos.

And when Mac sings, “Let’s go back to my crib and play some 45’s / It’s safe in there, I know there’s still a war outside”, he’s highlighting the solace that music provides amidst life’s turmoil. The “45’s” refers to vinyl records, which signifies his deeper connection with the roots of music – an escape into rhythm and lyrics – a sanctuary amidst chaos.

In conclusion, “Self Care” is a open journal of Mac Miller’s journey through pain, confusion, self-discovery, and eventual acceptance. It’s a testament to the healing power of self-love, and the beauty of growth through struggle.

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