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Meaning of the song ‘Sosa’ by ‘AZ’

Released: 1998

Alright, let’s dive into “Sosa” by East Coast rapper AZ. Filled with rich imagery, this track takes us on a journey through AZ’s life, touching on topics of wealth, lifestyle, ambition, crime and his determination in the hip-hop game. Through his adept storytelling, AZ paints a picture of a life lived in the fast lane, but also underlines the harsh realities that come with it.

We start with AZ flaunting his luxe lifestyle – “Minolta, double exposure, wide lens view” refers to a high-quality camera capturing his lavish existence, featuring “iced out rings” and expensive cars. However, he also admits that he “still remain(s) the same”, with ties to his past – hustling on the streets and selling coke. But he’s evolved now, trading the push of cocaine for the pull of a microphone, indicative of his radical transition from drug dealer to acclaimed rapper.

When AZ says, “Domestic, no more crime play but still connected/ It’s ethics, calculated steps through geometrics,” he’s saying he’s out of the illegal game, but still maintains links with the streets. His decision-making now involves calculated moves rather than impulsive street mentality.

AZ frequently contrasts his present success with past struggles. In the line “I roll dice trying to defrost from this cold life,” the chilling imagery of ‘cold life’ symbolizes his harsh past that was fraught with peril and uncertainty, while ‘roll dice’ highlight his risk-taking and ambitious nature. Similarly, “I used to sell coke on tha strip, but now I hold mics,” shows his transformation.

On the line “Cause it’s like this, for these chips I strike swift preciseness/Precious jewels a life thats priceless,” AZ acknowledges that the hard work he put into his craft has paid off financially (‘chips’), but also understands his life and experiences are priceless jewels, metaphorically, that have shaped him as an artist.

Finally, with “So respect the mission volume one/Second addition the next dimension/Dotted line sign your deposition”, AZ is essentially saying that his journey shouldn’t be taken lightly. He’s been through it, survived and thrived, which has taken him from one dimension of life to another, serving as a testament to his resilience and tenacity.

In true hip-hop fashion, “Sosa” is a narrative of rise, transformation, and assertion of self-worth. Weaved with intricate references and vivid storytelling, AZ narrates his stark transition from the tough streets to the glamour of hip-hop, steering his life against all odds while keeping his past experiences as guiding lessons.

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