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Meaning of the song ‘south to west’ by ‘Gunna’

Released: 2022

“South to West” by Gunna tells a gritty story of how he ascended to wealth and fame in the treacherous world of street life. The song delves into his experiences with violence, the drug trade, sex, and the struggle of maintaining authenticity amidst success.

The opening lines, “Oops, I made a mess, G5 for the jet / I’m ’bout to cash, I doubled the bet / My money stretch from south to the west” reflects on Gunna’s newfound wealth, staking his success on taking risks, and his influence stretching across regions. He conveys the lengths he goes to protect his assets with the line, “Lawyers the best, get home with a check,” signifying the importance of strong legal defense in his world.

Gunna dabbles into the dark side of street life with lines like, “He done fucked up, put some dough on his head,” alluding to the retaliation and violence that are part of the game. The mention of a “Drum on the stick, on the side, a switch” indicates a gun with a drum magazine and a switch that transforms it into an automatic. It’s a clear symbol of power, danger, and readiness for conflict.

The lyrics, “Mouse started runnin’, we shootin’ rats right in they stomachs / And leave them inside a ditch” serve as a metaphor for disloyalty (“rats”) being met with dire consequences. The line about “break down an onion” refers to distributing drugs, typically cocaine or crystal meth, further deepening Gunna’s narrative about the underworld lifestyle.

“Got me some hundreds and still gotta keep it one hundred / ‘Cause these niggas counterfeit” takes a shot at the fake personas in the industry. The phrase “keep it one hundred” means to stay authentic, which Gunna insists on despite the surrounded by “counterfeit” individuals.

Gunna also references his Atlanta roots with “Good pussy, bitch off of Bouldercrest,” a street in East Atlanta. Beyond this geographical ode, the rest of the verses dig into drug addiction, flaunted wealth, dangerous relationships, and inevitable repercussions of violent lifestyle.

The song culminates on the chorus, with Gunna reflecting on his journey, emphasizing the harsh realities he’s faced and how these experiences have fortified his current position. It’s a layered narrative – a testament to the hard-knock life from which Gunna emerged, the wealth he’s amassed, and the complexities that come with it.

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