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Meaning of the song ‘Street Fighter Riddim’ by ‘D Double E’

Released: 2010

“Street Fighter Riddim” by D Double E is a gritty and energizing grime track that’s deeply rooted in street culture, video gaming, and braggadocio elements that embody hip hop. The song cleverly takes its inspiration from the renowned video game franchise “Street Fighter,” using the game’s characters and elements as metaphors to express D Double E’s lyrical prowess, dominance in the game, and cutthroat mentality on the mic.

The song starts off with a callout – “It’s street fighting time”, setting the stage for the theme and the energy of the track. The line “You’ll get a scar on your chest like Sagat” refers to the character Sagat from the game Street Fighter who has a prominent scar on his chest, showing he’s not to be messed with, foreshadowing the lyrical assault D Double E is about to launch.

The phrase “I come through with a beat up Honda/ Give man a hand just like E. Honda” uses the character E. Honda to symbolize the power and weight of his bars. This character is famous for his “Hundred Hand Slap” move – just as the character overwhelms opponents with rapid-fire slaps, D Double E overwhelms his competition with his rapid-fire bars.

When he states “I’m quick with the hooks like Balrog/ Get the ravers jumpin’ like a bullfrog,” he’s not only referencing the game but also the impact his music has on people. Balrog is known in the Street Fighter universe for his swift and devastating punch attacks, paralleled here with D Double E’s powerful hooks in his tracks that get the crowd jumping.

“So, cos you’re big like Zangief/ Don’t think you can ever try give man grief” brings in the Russian wrestling character, Zangief, who’s well known for his physical size. Yet, D Double E warns size isn’t everything, and one shouldn’t think of challenging him merely because they have a larger physical presence or reputation.

The catchy and rhythmic chorus – “(Oooaah) Like Street Fighter 4/ What you think they call man the street fighter for?” not only reinforces the video game theme but also asserts his street cred – the idea that he’s battle-tested just like the characters from the video game.

As the track continues, D Double tackles his competition, mocking those who try to imitate him saying, “You’re just an imitation like Fei Long.” Fei Long is a character in Street Fighter modeled after the legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee. D Double asserts that he’s the original, and others are merely trying to copy his style.

At the end, D Double E claims victory: “In the final fight/ I’m the guy.” The final fight is a nod to another classic beat ’em up game from Capcom, creators of Street Fighter. Here, he is stating that when it comes down to it, he’s THE one to beat.

All in all, “Street Fighter Riddim” by D Double E is a boastful grime track laced with metaphorical references to Street Fighter characters. It’s an audacious claim to his lyrical prowess, intimidating impact, and enduring presence in the game – a street fighter not to be tangled with on the mic.

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