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Meaning of the song ‘Stuntin Like My Mama’ by ‘Chief Keef’

Released: 2015

“Stuntin Like My Mama” is a braggadocious anthem where Chief Keef proclaims his prowess and success, likening his flashy lifestyle to the influence of his mother. He reinforces his place in the game, flexing his material wealth and street credibility. The track asserts Keef’s dominance, both in financial terms and within the urban landscape he navigates.

Breaking it down, when Keef says, “I Was Stuntin Like My Momma / Ride Real Foreign,” he’s implying that his mother set the blueprint for flexing, and he’s continuing that legacy by driving exotic, expensive cars – foreigns. These representations of wealth and status are common in hip-hop as symbols of success. When folks question if they know Chief Keef—”Do You Know / Chief Audio Yeah He Get it On”—Keef is confirming that his reputation precedes him, with “audio” likely a stand-in for his music or the noise he makes in the industry. The “Big Ass Choppa” refers to a large firearm, and saying “He Be Getting Born” suggests he’s always ready for action or that he’s revitalized through confrontation.

“Call Ass Furada / He Gon Come And Join” might be a more obscure reference, possibly mentioning an associate or emphasizing that he has people ready to back him up. The line about being “South Side Nun Bu 60 Ass Niggas” solidifies his connection to Chicago’s South Side, with “60” likely referring to the Black Disciples street gang, which Chief Keef is often associated with. This line is about loyalty and territory in the fabric of street life. The subsequent lines—”I Can Buy You Like How You Taking Out The Trash Nigga like Ding Dong / My Name Name Be Ringing Bells Nigga”—use imagery to describe his wealth as so substantial, he could “buy” someone out, metaphorically trashing their worth. “Ding Dong” and “ringing bells” both suggest that his name is well-known, commanding attention much like a doorbell does.

Chief Keef Stuntin Like My Mama

In terms of the hook, “Click Clack Size You Up Measurement / We Scale Niggas”, Keef is likely using “click clack” as onomatopoeia for the sound of a gun, while “size you up” and “measurement” means assessing the threat or worth of someone as if weighing them on a scale. The lines “Money Mission Alarm Like A Smoke Alarm / Bitch This Aint Luther King March Aint No Holding Arms” signify his relentless pursuit of money. The comparison to a smoke alarm could imply the urgency and noise made in that pursuit. In a stark shift, he draws a line between non-violent protests associated with Martin Luther King Jr. and his own, more combative approach to life and his ambitions—there will be no peaceful linking of arms here.

Finally, “I’m the type of nigga / That smoke during a race when I was told to run give they ass a head start / I’ll catch up you wanna see this shit in 3D how im stunting” paints Keef as so confident in his abilities that he can afford to take his time—even to the point of smoking during a race—assured he will still come out ahead. The “3D” reference suggests that his stunting is so monumental that it transcends normal dimensions; it’s something one has to see to believe.

Overall, “Stuntin Like My Mama” is a bold statement of affluence, power, and confidence that knits together the threads of familial influence, street cred, and financial success under the overarching theme of living large. It’s steeped in the urban reality from whence Chief Keef hails, blending the hustle’s urgency with the swagger of someone who’s made it.

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