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Meaning of the song ‘Subject’ by ‘G Herbo’

Released: 2024

G Herbo’s “Subject” is a lightning bolt of energy, showcasing the Chicago rapper’s raw talent and no-holds-barred perspective. Through his masterful storytelling skills and gritty lyricism, Herbo captures the life on the streets, a hustle for money, and his rise to fame. It’s a celebration of his come-up, but also a stark look at the game and the dark corners it hides.

The opening lines set the stage as Herbo calls himself “Big Swervo”, referencing his own slang term for flexing or showing off, and then sets the time of 8:13 am, indicating he’s working while others might still be sleeping. The lyric “Ain’t been goin’ to sleep ’cause I been chasin’ Ms” signifies his relentless hustle in pursuit of money. The following lines dig into the consequences of his success, acknowledging that with money comes envy – a reality he’s accepted, charging it to “the game”, meaning he sees it as just part of his chosen lifestyle.

Herbo then already dishes out a warning, letting others know that messing with him could lead to danger, as shown in “Niggas think twice ’bout sayin’ my name, ’cause they know we spin.” “Spin” here is slang for retaliating or striking back. There’s a clear message to potential adversaries: step off if you aren’t ready for the heat.

He goes on to rap about his lavish lifestyle, hitting Miami and dropping a hundred bands (a slang term for $10,000) just for fun. There’s the mention of “hate” and “dissin'” hinting at the negativity that’s being thrown his way, likely because of jealousy. Herbo’s response isn’t to back down—instead, he’s ready to “strategize” and “keep a pistol tucked”.

The recurring references to chains in “Fans said I’m in jail, I got on ten chains in public” symbolizes his success and wealth. But beyond the opulence, there’s a rawness to his past reflected in the line “Since I shot your brother’nem, shit, I was sendin’ shots at my cousin.” These lines represent his dark upbringing and the cycles of violence which he’s been a part of.

By the verse’s end, Herbo reiterates the magnitude of his accomplishments – “I know I’m winnin’, ’cause I started this shit from nothin’”. It’s his self-made success story that fuels him, so while chains and flashy cars symbolize his achievement, the fact that he’s living out a different narrative than where he started is the real victory.

“Subject” is a testament to G Herbo’s prowess as a lyricist. The wealth, respect, and success he’s earned are the focus, while he candidly addresses the pitfalls of his lifestyle. In the end, the real subject isn’t the money or the fame, but Herbo himself and the journey he’s taken.

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