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Meaning of the song ‘Suge’ by ‘DaBaby’

Released: 2019

“Suge” by DaBaby is a braggadocious track where the North Carolina rapper asserts his dominance in the game, akin to Suge Knight, the infamous co-founder of Death Row Records, known for his intimidating manner. The lyrics revolve around themes of wealth, power, and DaBaby’s nonchalant brush-off of his haters.

“Pack in the mail, it’s gone (uh)/She like how I smell, cologne (yeah)/I just signed a deal, I’m on” DaBaby begins the song by referencing his newfound wealth and success — the “pack in the mail” likely referring to a shipment of money or goods. The “deal” is probably his record contract, and he’s not concerned about people knowing he’s coming into his own.

The chorus posits DaBaby as a “young CEO, Suge,” asserting his self-made status and drawing a parallel with Suge Knight, who, despite his controversial reputation, was a significant force in the music industry. DaBaby isn’t afraid to take control of situations and deal with potential threats himself, as seen in “The first nigga play, I’ma body a nigga.”

The second verse continues his theme of power and success. “Don’t make me go hit the bank/And take out a hundred/To show you our pockets are different,” he warns, flexing his financial muscle and making a statement about his new place in the hierarchy.

DaBaby dabbles a bit in storytelling with lines like “Beat and burnt me a nigga in front of the store/Where your mammy and grandmama shop at.” This audacious claim speaks to his willingness to handle conflict and portrays a level of fearlessness that bolsters his street cred.

The track ends with repeated choruses, reasserting DaBaby’s dominance and triumph in the hip-hop industry. He’s signed a deal, he’s raking in the cash, and he’s not afraid to show it — or to deal with those who try to step to him.

With “Suge,” DaBaby makes one thing clear — he’s here to assert his presence, and he’s not backing down. Whether flashing his newfound wealth, schooling the competition, or threatening those who cross him, he’s making a statement — he’s the young CEO, and he’s running things his way.

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