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Meaning of the song ‘Think U The Shit’ by ‘Ice Spice’

Released: 2024

Aight, so we’re about to get into Ice Spice’s “Think U The Shit (Fart)” to decode what’s poppin’ in these bars. This track? It’s all about that braggadocio flow, where Ice Spice is laying down the law on how she outclasses other women in the game—in every way imaginable. She’s basically saying, “Y’all think you’re on top, but you’re not even close to my level.” Now let’s break it down and see how she schools the competition with her verses.

From the jump, Ice Spice throws shade with, “Think you the shit, bitch? / You not even the fart.” That’s her saying you’re not even a blip on her radar. You think you’re all that, but you ain’t even making a sound that matters. “I be goin’ hard / I’m breakin’ they hearts,” is her flex about her hustle and the effect she has on folks who ain’t keeping up with her pace.

She comes with, “Bitches be quick, but I’m quicker,” and, “Bitches be thick, but I’m thicker,” underscoring that anything they do, she does it better and bigger. “She could be rich, but I’m richer,” Ice Spice declares her financial superiority, while “Take-takin’ her man” is a boast about her allure, and that men are easily swayed by her charm.

Ice Spice Think U The Shit (Fart)

Ice Spice doesn’t hold back, she’s assertive about her independence and success. When she mentions, “Out in the Yams,” she’s referencin’ a place, which could symbolize being in the thick of it all, but still standing her ground. Keeping “one tucked” is about being prepared and protected—never caught off guard.

“I make me some jams / Unlock that advance” she’s all about her business, creating hits and securing bags. “Just to do my lil’ dance,” is like sayin’ she’s getting paid handsomely just to do her thing. “Bitch, I’m a brand” is a clear statement—she’s more than just an artist; she’s an empire.

We got some flexin’ about high-end fashion and her influence on men with lines like, “All in Balenci’, I look like a bum / I got the jatty, he just wanna hump.” Even when she’s dressed down in designer gear, she’s irresistible. And gotta love that cultural reference with “French nigga sendin’ me tips,” highlighting her international appeal.

Moving deeper, Ice Spice comes for her competition by saying, “She must’ve thought she could catch up,” but follows up with, “I got my foot on they necks I can’t let up.” That means she’s relentless, never easing the pressure on those tryin’ to compete. “Hard knock life, no Annie” signifies that she’s all about that hustle, without the fairytale ending.

When she’s going “Super Saiyan,” that’s a nod to Dragon Ball Z, where characters hit their ultimate powerful form—she’s on the mic bringin’ her A-game with no holds barred. And the “Mirror, mirror” line? That’s her asking who could possibly be on her level, hinting that the answer is: no one.

Ending it with a lyrical mic drop, she brings the declaration full circle with the chant-like repetition that others may think they’re the top dogs, but compared to her, they ain’t even close. “Think you the shit, bitch? / You not even the fart (grrah)” — that’s not just a line, it’s a mantra. Ice Spice is here to remind ya: there’s levels to this game, and she’s several tiers above.

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