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Meaning of the song ‘Think U The Shit (Fart)’ by ‘Ice Spice’

Released: 2024

Ice Spice is flexing on ‘em with “Think U The Shit (Fart),” serving up lines brimming with self-confidence and a blatant disregard for competition. She’s staking her claim as not just another player in the game but as the game-changer, dismissing rivals and asserting her dominance in both the rap game and in her personal flexes.

In the track, Ice Spice comes out swinging with the hook, “Think you the shit, bitch? You not even the fart,” which is a clever play, diminishing her competitors to less than an afterthought. She’s saying they’re not just inferior, they’re basically nonexistent in her world of success. When Ice Spice declares she’s “goin’ hard” and “breakin’ they hearts,” she’s asserting her prowess and the impact she has on the scene and her rivals—she’s a force to be reckoned with.

The following bars got her comparing herself to other women, saying she’s got the upper hand in every aspect: she’s faster (“quick”), more attractive (“thick”), and wealthier (“rich”). When she says “Unlock that advance / I said four hundred bands / Just to do my lil’ dance,” she’s talking about securing a sizable bag—industry talk for a financial advance from record labels for her music—validating her success. “Bitch, I’m a brand”—that’s her asserting that her identity and artistry have transcended mere music; she’s become a lucrative entity unto herself.

Ice Spice continues the power play with lines like “Hard knock life, no Annie,” comparing the grind of her life to the classic tale of struggle, with a twist—she’s managed to come out on top. The reference to “go[ing] Super Saiyan” alludes to Dragon Ball Z, where characters power up to incredible levels, metaphorically signifying her explosive impact on the mic, bringing raw energy to her craft. She plays with her superiority further by invoking the image of Snow White’s magic mirror, asking who’s the fairest and rhetorically placing herself at the top.

Through the repeated hook, Ice Spice punctuates her message, ensuring that listeners know she’s not here for the play-play; she’s serious about her hustle and her place in hip-hop. Every verse drips with bravado and a stern reminder that she’s outshining competitors in all facets, and they’d be wise to recognize and respect her come-up.

In summary, Ice Spice’s “Think U The Shit (Fart)” is a bold assertion of superiority, dripping with confidence and a no-nonsense attitude where she celebrates her achievements and looks down on those who falsely believe they’re on her level. From chasing the paper to asserting her place in the hip-hop hierarchy, Spice doesn’t just stake her claim; she plants her flag and dares anyone to say different.

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