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Meaning of the song ‘Thot Shit’ by ‘Megan Thee Stallion’

Released: 2021

“Thot Shit” by Megan Thee Stallion showcases the rapper’s unabashed and audacious approach to sexuality, wealth and success. The song is a defiant manifesto of female empowerment and self-confidence, laying down a challenge to the, often, male-dominated hip-hop industry.

Her chorus, “Hands on my knees, shaking ass on my thot shit,” is a bold and unapologetic expression of her sexual agency. “Thot” is a term originating in the hip-hop community, standing for “that hoe over there”. By reclaiming this derogatory term, Megan spins it as an emblem of her power and refusal to conform to expectations of female modesty.

The repeated lines “Post me a pic’, finna make me a profit,” highlight how she uses her image and sexuality as a powerful asset for profit. She’s cognizant of the fact that her allure can turn heads and fill wallets. The Texas native also does not mind invoking a bit of controversy, unabashedly saying, “When the liquor hit, then a bitch get toxic.” This highlights her carefree and untroubled self-image.

“Hoes tryna call me a snake, shit, I guess I can relate, ‘Cause a bitch spit a whole lot of venom”, here Megan is unapologetic about her fierce tongue and her readiness to roast anyone who steps to her. Megan’s confidence in herself is again explicit in the lines, “I walk around the house but-naked, and I’ll stop at every mirror Just to stare at my own posterior.”

She also uses this song to call out her haters and display her unabashed excellence. A line like “I’m the sh*t per the Recording Academy” reflects her recognition and esteem within the music industry. Her comeback to detractors is fearless and direct, relishing the fact that they are not on her level.

Megan also playfully toys with classic hip-hop lines in her verse, “Big bank take lil’ bank, bitch, add it up,” is a direct reference to a long-standing phrase in hip-hop indicating that the person with the most money has the power.

The lines “Drinking out the motherf***ing bottle on my thot shit. Everything I eat goes straight to my pockets. 2021, finna graduate college” further emphasize Megan’s ability to enjoy life, celebrate her success and secure her bag while still being committed to her education.

The verses, “None of these hoes saying shit to my face // And none of these hoes finna see me at the bank // And I’ma keep talking all the shit that I want // And I doubt one of you hoes come tell me I can’t.” assert her superiority over her detractors. It’s a flex of her financial prosperity, success and confidence. Megan here once more boasts about her unwavering self-belief, irrespective of her haters.

Overall, “Thot Shit” exemplifies Megan’s assertiveness and refusal to be silenced or boxed in. It’s a brilliant, no-holds-barred anthem of female empowerment and an affirmation to her haters that she’s here to stay.

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