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Meaning of the song ‘Train Love’ by ‘Your Old Droog’

Released: 2019

“Train Love” by Your Old Droog is a smooth mix of regret, missed opportunities, and the complex juxtaposition of urban life and yearning for a deeper connection. Set against the backdrop of New York’s transit system, the song tells about the relentless encounter of a hitherto-unspoken love interest met on the train.

The opening lines of the song set the tone as Droog diverts from the traditional hip hop theme to explore a sense of loss resulting from his inability to express his feelings to a woman he meets on the subway. The lyrics “Shawty, shawty, she’s so fine” to “she gave me the eyе and I ain’t say nothing” allude to his attraction to the woman and his regret at not speaking to her.

The chorus, which repeatedly states “She took the L, she took the G, she took the F and then the D, the N”, describes not just the woman’s subway rides across New York but also Droog’s missed chances to communicate his feelings. Each of these letters represents subway lines in NYC, but playing with dual meanings, Droog uses them to symbolize the missed opportunities.

Transitioning to the subsequent verses, Droog paints a vivid picture of the woman’s beauty, likening her to the “Dopest Ethiopian,” and expressing his regret each time the train doors close, leaving him alone with his thoughts. The lines like “My man, she was higher than a ten,” bring a sense of admiration, while “Bad hoes had me scurred” reveals his intimidation by stunning women.

Droog continues to navigate the complexities of his feelings, regretting his silence, evident in lines like “You ever say nothing to a girl and be mad the whole day.” With “I’m fucked up, you can thank society / Was crippled by social anxiety,” he points out the societal pressures and anxiety which sabotaged his chance at a meaningful connection.

The last verse is a plea, where Droog advises others to avoid the same mistakes he made — “Take a cue for me, try not to catch an L and don’t do E / Gotta get the W, it’s as easy as 123”. He ends the song with a note that underscores his authority over the MTA, “You know Old Droog run the MTA,” reminding us that despite his lament, he is a king in his own right — of his music, subway commute, and city streets.

Overall, “Train Love” by Your Old Droog is a contemplative journey featuring the hip-hop artist’s vulnerability, breaking away from the bravado often seen in rap lyrics. It tells the tale of unspoken city love, filled with regret and introspection, all wrapped up in the familiar sights and sounds of New York’s MTA metro system.

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