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Meaning of the song ‘Uprising’ by ‘Killah Priest’

Released: 2019

Kicking it off, “Uprising” by Killah Priest is a journey into the collective struggles, introspections, and revelations of urban life, revealing deep-seated societal problems through potent symbolism and gritty realism. The rapper lyrically illustrates the constant battle between good and evil within oneself and society.

When Killah Priest says, “I draw deep minds in hieroglyphics,” he’s talking about how his lyrics capture the raw, unfiltered realities of the streets, encoded in a language that requires deep understanding. The line “Stuck in the beast, the three sixes, Bush recycle Hitler” deals with political figures with historical tyrants, suggesting that the systemic problems faced by marginalized groups aren’t far removed from past atrocities.

“Word to Christ disciple of them bible scriptures” references Killah Priest’s deep roots in spirituality, showing his use of biblical imagery to comment on violence, morality, and redemption. “My 3rd eye is like a cyclops” signifies his heightened consciousness, providing a deeper understanding of his environment beyond physical sight – an essential element of hip-hop’s consciousness tradition.

The chorus, “Yeah nigga pass the crown around nigga / Put your money in this, The Offering, nigga,” signifies a call to rise above the harsh realities and elevate one’s mind. The ‘crown’ symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, with the phrase ‘pass the crown’ acting as an invitation to shared enlightenment.

In the following verses, Killah Priest delves deep into the metaphysical, using astrology, tarot, and cosmological references to depict the constant struggle between good and evil, and the efforts to rise above adversity. The lines “So read your horoscope in the bars I wrote, Priest, the project ghost / I show you tales of shootouts in the cosmos” suggest that Priest’s lyrics offer predictive power and wisdom, just like a horoscope.

In the concluding lines, “This arch angel stood my body up / Lifeless but righteous, handed me a pair of cuffs / Alright then, the sky cut with streaks of lightning, I ran into ’em / Like a Bison, eternal fighting forever,” Killah Priest presents a vivid portrayal of his spiritual awakening, symbolically rising from the pits of hell, guided by an archangel, to confront his battles and seek divine justice.

Overall, “Uprising” encapsulates Killah Priest’s introspective journey through the landscape of urban struggle, using myth, spirituality, and street wisdom to craft a narrative of resilience and redemption.

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