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Meaning of the song ‘What It Do’ by ‘E-Dubble’

Released: 2015

“What It Do” by E-Dubble is more than just a lyrical masterpiece – it’s an autobiographical track that explores the rapper’s struggles and successes in the hip-hop industry. E-Dubble takes listeners on a journey through his personal evolution, highlighting his relentless pursuit of greatness and his unwavering determination amidst adversity.

In the chorus, E-Dubble preaches optimism and resilience. “I’ve seen some souls be friendly/I’ve seen some feet get loose/I’ve had some people in my life, who know just what it do/I try to look for goodness, even when I see bad”. Here, he’s reflecting on the support and camaraderie he’s experienced in his journey, while also acknowledging that life ain’t always sunshine and rainbows. But he maintains a positive outlook, striving to find silver linings even in the face of trials and tribulations.

Walking us down memory lane with ’98 as his point of reference, E-Dubble recalls his initial stages in hip-hop. He says, “’98 when I made my first beat take…Four track Tascam in my brief case/Back when I would cop my Jordans straight up outta east bay.” It’s interesting to note that he also shows off his sneaker game here, referring to buying his Jordan kicks from Eastbay, a popular online shoe retailer in the 90s.

The lines “I was trippin’, I was taking all the wrong pills/I was trippin’, I was righting all the wrong wrongs/I was trippin’, I was writing all the right songs” are a stark admission of his personal struggles. The confessional nature of these lines reflects the bumps in his journey towards becoming a formidable emcee, highlighting his past substance abuse while simultaneously working on his craft.

When E-Dubble says, “Two Tones was home, so just throw it up/Black Paisley is back, so just pour it up”, he’s representing his independent record label, Black Paisley Records. ‘Throw it up’ is an indication to show support or accredit the label, much like a toast, hence ‘pour it up’.

In the third verse, E-Dubble affirms his abilities and strengths, stating “I’m E-Dubble, powers combine when we troubled/I still lose grip and shit I still fumble/Always get it back even when I’m off track/’Cause I’m never off beat and I’m never on whack”. Here he metaphorically compares himself to a superhero, indicating that even when he stumbles, he gets back up and stays true to his craft.

“What It Do” is a potent depiction of E-Dubble’s personal and artistic journey. It’s a testament to his tenacity, talent, and the power of keeping it real. As E-Dubble says, ‘he’s made for pain’, and that pain has undoubtedly shaped him into the memorable artist he’s become.

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