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Meaning of the song ‘Whatever You Like’ by ‘T.I.’

Released: 2008

“Whatever You Like” is a lush slice of anthemic hip-hop from Atlanta’s own T.I., a lyrical love letter from a bankroll baller to his significant other, showing how he spares no expense to treat her right. In short, it’s a sugar daddy anthem, plain and simple, where T.I. uses his wordplay to describe the kind of mystery, opulence, and luxury that money can buy when love is involved.

On T.I.’s track, the hook says it all: “I said you can have whatever you like.” From the “stacks on deck” to “Patron on ice,” T.I. is flexin’ his financial muscle, saying he’s ready to spend it all on his lady. He guarantees her a life of leisure with the choicest champagne, late-night flights on private jets, and expensive gifts. The track is overflowing with a vivid depiction of wealth and extravagance.

“You know it ain’t nothin’ to drop a couple stacks on you,” T.I. assures his girl, letting her know that money is no object when it comes to her. This isn’t just about luxury, it’s about power — T.I. has it, and he’s willing to share it. He promises her a “Five million dollar home, drop Bentley’s” and all she has to do is stay with him.

Recognize the phrase “ain’t trickin’ if you got it?” Well, it’s ‘hood vernacular for the concept that spending heaps of money on your lady isn’t wasteful if you’re loaded. T.I. is rejecting the notion that he’s being played for a fool, instead, he’s just showing admiration for his woman by spending unwaveringly.

T.I. is not just offering material possessions; he’s also providing a level of confidence and security. He reassures her, “Long as you got me you won’t need nobody.” It’s a bold statement that underscores his commitment to providing for her.

The repetition of the line “Tell ’em other broke nigga, ‘Be quiet'” seems like a direct shot at the competition. T.I. is making it clear that he’s got the money, power, and willingness to spoil his girl that other guys simply can’t match.

“I’m talkin’ big boy rides / And big boy ice / Let me put this big boy in yo’ life,” T.I. raps, reinforcing the grandiosity of what he’s offering. Apart from material possessions, there’s a subtext of sexual indulgence and satisfaction as he assures her, “Thang get so wet and hit so right.”

Overall, “Whatever You Like” is a flex anthem, a testament to T.I.’s limitless prosperity and his willingness to share it with the lady he loves. It’s a reassurance to her that as long as she’s with him, all her wants and needs will be taken care of as she deserves nothing less. Most importantly, it’s a showcase of T.I.’s towering confidence, both in his financial status and his capacity to provide a lavish lifestyle.

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