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Meaning of the song ‘Who Got It’ by ‘Inspectah Deck’

Released: 2003

“Who Got It” by Inspectah Deck, one of the lyrically sharpest members of the Wu-Tang Clan, is a bravado-filled affirmation of his lyrical prowess and status in the rap game. The song is a testament to his penchant for clever wordplay, and a vivid description of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of a gritty street life.

The Intro and the repetitive Chorus, “He who writes the songs,” point towards Inspectah Deck’s self-acclaimed reputation as a stellar lyricist. He’s asserting that he’s the man behind the hits, the key player who crafts the songs that resonate with people.

As we delve into the first verse, Deck showcases his lyrical skills with references to his perseverance (“I work it overtime, whether white or blue collar”) and his embodiment of hip-hop history (“Wu-Chronicles, and I continue the saga”). The verse further illustrates his vast influence (“When I speak, I hold the globe like a Dhali Llama”) and dominance in the rap game (“The soul father, get to know my whole persona”).

As he moves into the second verse, Deck likens his impactful rhymes to a potent drug, causing intoxicating effects and leaving listeners addicted. He warns of his sharp wit (“Son, I raise your blood pressure like tight jeans and thongs”), asserting that his rhymes are lethal weapons. He further portrays his ubiquity and belonging in the streets with lines like “We be, ease to calm, to the streets we belong.”

The final verse is replete with boastful assertions and braggadocio, hallmarks of hip-hop culture. He uses food metaphors to indicate the rich content he provides in his music (“I got the works, like a Burger deluxe, you heard it was us”). He further alludes to his success and money-oriented mindset (“Seein’ dollar signs like today’s the first of the month”). The verse ends with a bold claim of his appeal to women (“them with the girlies, they lust”) and his high-priced music (“It’s the dopeman, my jams run your thirty and up”).

Overall, “Who Got It” is a classic Inspectah Deck track filled with confident bragging rights, clever wordplay and evidence of his street-oriented narrative. It’s an unfiltered display of his lyrical prowess, painting an immersive picture of his experiences, aspirations, and place in the hip-hop world.

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