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Meaning of the song ‘Wya?’ by ‘Wifisfuneral’

Released: 2017

“Wya?” is a potent illustration of Wifisfuneral’s emotional struggle after a breakup. The artist uses the recurring refrain of calling on his ex’s cellphone as a metaphor for his lingering attachment and the pain associated with the ended relationship. The song is a raw and candid confession of love, heartbreak, and the pursuit of self-improvement.

The first few lines reveal the initial signs of obsession and desperation after the split. The continuous act of calling her and constantly checking her location shows the degree of his anxiety about her absence. Wifisfuneral isn’t shy to expose his vulnerability as he admits he’s “runnin’ out of breath,” perhaps hinting at the exhausting cycle of their relationship or the toll that the breakup has taken on him emotionally.

The lyrics “I’m the man in my city, baby girl, yeah, you know me / Went from 30-people shows out the nationwide tourin'” infuse a sense of pride despite the heartache. He takes us on a journey of his rise from small gig performer to touring nationwide. But even with this newfound recognition and adoration from fans, he keeps coming back to the question, “Where you at?”, underlining his fixation on the missing presence of his former lover.

In the line, “Never could I love you like no other, never love a bitch,” he confronts his conflicted feelings post-breakup. On the one hand, he acknowledges his deep love for her, a love that he might never replicate with someone else. On the other, he diminishes her to a “bitch,” showing his attempt at distancing himself, at rejecting his romantic attachment.

Later, the verse where he says, “Heard you want an athlete with a mansion, guess I’m wack” is a critique on superficial reasons for love. He’s suggesting that material success and physical prowess (attributes stereotypically associated with athletes) may be what she’s looking for – and if that’s the case, he feels he doesn’t measure up.

Moreover, Wifisfuneral’s words “Stupid bitch, when I find you, I’m gon’ up you with this gat” act as a shocking expression of rage, a drastic swing of emotion from the yearning lover we heard earlier. Yet we see remorse in the subsequent verse, “I see that you’re livin’ happy, so I’m happy that you’re straight,” showing Wifisfuneral’s struggle to come to terms with their separation.

The lyrical journey ends with a note of resilience. Wifisfuneral signals a turn towards self-growth and disturbingly notes the financial benefits of their breakup saying, “Since you ain’t been in the picture, shit, my pockets gettin’ fat”. It suggests a sense of moving on, but also pokes at superficial values once again, hinting that her absence saves him money he spent during the course of their relationship.

Overall, “Wya?” is a vivid exploration of post-breakup emotions. It oscillates between longing, anger, self-deprecation, and self-actualization. With raw honesty, Wifisfuneral invites us into his heart and mind as he navigates the choppy waters of breakups and personal growth.

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