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Meaning of the song ‘YuNg BrAtZ’ by ‘XXXTENTACION’

Released: 2017

“YuNg BrAtZ” by XXXTENTACION is a brash and aggressive track that dives into themes of street violence, rampant machismo, and unbridled sexual exploits. It’s filled with provocative language and visuals presented in X’s distinctive style, blending raw lyricism with surreal imagery.

Right out the gate, X comes with the line “Bros on your block with that Glock”, painting a vivid picture of violence and power dynamics on the streets. “Glock” is a reference to the popular handgun, signifying that his crew isn’t about that talk, they’re about that action, ready to engage in lethal confrontation if provoked. When he boldly states “Try me like an opp and indeed, get shot down”, he’s alluding to the grim reality of gang culture, where opponents (“opps”) who cross certain boundaries often face deadly repercussions.

He then jumps into sexually explicit territory, with references to oral sex, likening it to Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop”. These lines underscore X’s explicit and unapologetic approach to his music, reflecting the explicit nature of a lot of hip hop lyrics. “My name’s Ryan! What do they call me? Call me wolf in sheep’s skin?” gives a hint of self-awareness and potential duplicity, suggesting he might not be all as he appears on the surface. The Wolf in Sheep’s clothing is an ancient analogy often used to describe individuals who appear harmless but are dangerous, indicating X recognizes the criticisms about his controversial personality and accepts them.

X’s use of ‘dyke’, a slang term often used in a derogatory way towards lesbians, further shows his willingness to push boundaries. His lines about violence and drug use “Wrist heavy, fat dyke, pop Molly, Mike Ike” are him flexing his braggadocio, a common trend in hip-hop where artists boast about their lavish lifestyle. Yet, the line “I got black in my voots, my name’s Toby, like I’m Roots” carries a deeper meaning, referring to the 1977 TV mini-series “Roots” about African enslavement, showing that X is aware of his African roots and the oppression that his ancestors faced.

The lines “Grab that bat, ‘Hey Bruce’, swing that bitch might lose a tooth” continues the theme of violence. It’s a clever wordplay too – “Bruce” as in “Bruce Wayne” who is Batman, renowned for using a bat as his weapon, thus “swinging a bat”. The song encapsulates machismo, violence and sexuality – a raw showcase of the controversial figure that X was within the hip-hop community with his edgy, in-your-face style of rap.

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