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Meaning of ‘The Thrill’ by ‘Wiz Khalifa’ feat. Empire Of The Sun

Released: 2020 • Features: Empire Of The Sun

“The Thrill” by Wiz Khalifa featuring Empire Of The Sun is a debaucherous anthem that revels in the extravagant, hedonistic lifestyle that success in the music industry often brings. Khalifa describes a whirlwind life of decadence, addiction, sex, and nonstop thrill-seeking, underscored by his relentless ambition and hunger for more.

The opening lines of the song capture the fleeting nature of Khalifa’s relationships as he navigates through his life in the fast lane. He’s clear about the transient nature of his squeeze du jour, not mincing words when he raps, “I get done with one, and move right on to another bitch.” Khalifa might be seen as critiquing the superficialities of his lifestyle or simply stating facts about his current state of affairs, unapologetically highlighting his detachment.

When Khalifa introduces the educated woman who’s “college-educated, she graduated,” he’s painting a picture of a woman who comes from a privileged background yet seeks excitement and thrill outside her ostensibly comfortable life. Her willingness to “hide the fact that the thrill, they chase it” is a testament to her own inhibitions and perhaps Khalifa’s undeniable allure. In short, she’s attracted to the glitz, unaware or unbothered by its ephemeral nature.

Wiz then dives into his globe-trotting, high-rolling lifestyle in the chorus with words like “We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it”. The lines point to the relentless search for excitement, often found in expensive hotels, champagne, and partying – “And I’m addicted to champagne. Fuck the room, we buy the whole wing”. Yet, amid this constant chase for a rush, there’s an undertone of emptiness and overindulgence, hinted at by the earnest question, “All this money, darling, what else is left to do? But smoke and enjoy my presidential view.”

Let’s break down the repeated phrase, “Bitches I Taylor Gang that (Taylor Gang that)”. Taylor Gang is Wiz Khalifa’s collective – a record label, entertainment company, and lifestyle brand all rolled into one. Here, Wiz seems to be using “Taylor Gang” as a verb, indicating his power to convert or influence women with his lifestyle and status.

Overall, “The Thrill” speaks from a place of fame, excess, and carefree living but doesn’t shy away from highlighting the emptiness and fleeting pleasures of such a lifestyle. With an infectious beat and an unabashed look into the celebrity fast-life, Khalifa delivers a track that’s both a party anthem and a critique of superficiality.

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