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Meaning of ‘Titanium’ by ‘Dave’

Released: 2021

In “Titanium,” British rapper Dave delivers a confident commentary on his life, achievements, relationships, and outlook. The track brims with references to his victorious journey, from his educational background to his unwavering belief in his own worth and talent.

In the opening lines, “22 with a 2.2, just came back from a long hiatus,” Dave sets the stage. He’s both mentioning his age and his bachelor’s degree grade (2.2), showing he’s educated and has taken a break, but now he’s back. The line “You get hit with a stick, Black Panther, you’re gonna need Vibranium” is a slick blend of street slang and pop-culture reference – the “stick” is a gun, and Vibranium is the indestructible metal from the Black Panther franchise. He’s essentially saying his rivals will need superhero-like protection against his strength.

When Dave drops “Tyson Fury in the party, I make shoulders fling“, he’s comparing his impact in the rap game to the famous British boxer’s prowess in the ring. His line “I know that my neighbours are votin’ Tory, surely” hits on UK politics, suggesting a disconnect between himself and his neighbors due to socioeconomic differences.

The chorus, “I got stainless steel, I got platinum I got gold and I got titanium“, is a metaphor for his resilience. Each of these metals increases in strength, culminating in “titanium”, symbolizing Dave’s determination and toughness in the face of adversity. It’s also a nod to his material wealth, showcasing the spoils of his success. Dave is unapologetic about his wealth, but equally, he doesn’t shy away from the grittier parts of his past.

“Titanium” is a celebration of Dave’s journey, tinged with the realities of the world he grew up in. It’s a testament to his grit, wit, and unyielding perseverance.

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