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Meaning of ‘To My Bed’ by ‘Chris Brown’

Released: 2017

“To My Bed” by Chris Brown is a sensual anthem, spotlighting a passionate, intense romantic encounter. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of desire and intimacy, as Brown outlines a heated evening that never quite manages to reach the bedroom.

In the first verse, “Close the door, I’ma take your clothes off where you are”, Brown sets the tone with raw and candid imagery of a romantic moment. The line “I turn you on ’cause I love to see you blowin’, yeah” refers to the pleasurable reactions he elicits from his partner.

The chorus, “No we ain’t gon’ make it to my bed” suggests that the intensity of their passion is such they can’t hold off their desires until they get to the bed. This constant repetition emphasizes the immediacy and urgency of their shared lust.

In “Tear it up when I get wasted, now that I got you naked”, “tear it up” is a slang phrase suggesting escalating the degree of their intimate activities. “Getting wasted” typically means becoming intoxicated, suggesting that the involvement of substances is heightening their experience.

The lyric “Pussy water, that drip drip when I put it in her” is a direct reference to a woman’s arousal during intimacy. It’s frank, explicit, and leaves no room for misinterpretation about the sexual nature of the encounter described in the song.

Brown’s concluding line, “Know we ain’t gon’ make it to my bed” finalizes the song’s narrative, bringing the listener back to the start. It’s a bold and assertive reminder of the song’s overall theme of uncontrollable lust and passion.

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