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Meaning of ‘Treat Myself’ by ‘Chief Keef’

Released: 2024

Chief Keef’s “Treat Myself” is an anthem of self-reliance and self-celebration. The song highlights Chief Keef’s rise from hardship to success, underlining his independence and perseverance. He emphasizes the importance of prioritizing oneself, celebrating personal victories, and the superficial nature of others’ support.

Right off the bat, Chief Keef asserts that he’s the one who put the city on the map, and acknowledges how folks only show love when you’re up, not when you’re down. He dismisses retaliatory actions with “About no lick back, just don’t hit me up,” meaning he’s not worried about getting revenge, just don’t bother him. His line, “My lick back whenever you let me fuck,” implies he’ll get his gratification on his terms.

Keef touches on materialism when he says, “Say she infatuated with trucks…we ain’t playin’ no seven up,” signaling that he’s not interested in trivial pursuits. “I’m a diamond from the rough” is his way of saying he emerged clean from tough circumstances. The refrain “Bitch, I gotta treat myself” underscores his need to reward himself for his hard work.

In the morning, he needs to be himself, evident when he says, “wake up in the morning, spark a blunt, and be myself,” suggesting he starts his day with self-acceptance. When he mentions “take a look up in the mirror, I just wanna squeeze myself,” it’s a nod to his self-appreciation. His line about smoke and “couldn’t even see myself” metaphorically speaks to the obstacles he’s faced.

The verse “I’ll never need a bitch, but I’ma always need myself,” highlights his independence. “Diamonds shinin’ off my charm, I think I Christmas tree’d myself” and “yellow diamonds, it’ll look like I peed myself” reflects his opulence. Keef’s pride in self-education is apparent when he says, “Granny ain’t like when I dropped out, granny, I can teach myself.”

Keef’s style is dripped in bravado as he mentions “so icy, hand me a jacket, bitch, I ain’t tryna freeze myself,” showing off his bling and swag. He shouts out his homies with the line “G so swung around the jungle, youngin’, call him Donkey Kong,” giving them a larger-than-life persona. He pokes fun at fake displays of wealth with “Thought that nigga bought that Bentley, they repo’d it like, voilà.”

The chorus, “Started from the bottom, I’m the one that got the city up,” reflects his pride in his evolution. “Bitch, I’ma get my lick back whenever you let me fuck” mixes his personal revenge narrative with his laid-back attitude towards retaliation. Each repetition of “I gotta treat myself” hammers home his message of self-love and indulgence.

In the final verse, he measures his self-worth and drive through metaphors like “wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and kiss myself.” His self-motivation shines with “If I miss the shot, I’ma bench myself.” He disses pretenders with “Nigga think he havin’ cash, my pockets swoler than a bitch myself,” asserting his superior wealth.

Chief Keef closes out strong, asserting his enduring perseverance through all odds with “Stood through fire, storm, sleet, that’s the pros of bein’ a star.” His reiteration of treating himself and finding strength within aligns with the overall theme of self-reliance and success. This track is a flex on both personal and material levels, embodying Chief Keef’s journey and his unbreakable self-belief.

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