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Meaning of ‘Uh Uh’ by ‘Chief Keef’ feat. Playboi Carti

Released: 2018 • Features: Playboi Carti

“Uh Uh” featuring Playboi Carti is an assertive anthem from Chief Keef, in which he showcases his famous audacious character, portraying his experiences and lifestyle in the notorious street life which includes drug trafficking, gang activity, and violence. The track serves as a testament to Chief Keef’s influence in the trap sound, as well as Playboi Carti’s emerging prominence in the hip-hop scene.

The lyrics commence with “Sosa, baby / GBE, baby”, a direct reference to Chief Keef’s nicknames. ‘Sosa’ is distilled from the character Alejandro Sosa in the movie “Scarface”, a top-ranking drug dealer — reinforcing Chief Keef’s outlaw image. GBE stands for “Glory Boyz Entertainment”, Keef’s own record label.

The mention of, “Poppin’ a pill, still / Shawty on the block with me wearin’ Chanel” signals their indulgence in the party lifestyle infused with high fashion brands, while “Too much dope in here, I can’t smell, smell” is a direct testament to the level of drug usage present in their environment.

The chorus, mostly made up of “uh-uh’s”, is a widely recognized indicator of disapproval or disagreement, highlighting his reluctance to conform or adhere to societal norms and expectations.

“Heat in my hand, no oven mitt” is a metaphor for Keef handling a firearm without any protection, emphasizing his readiness for violence at any given time. The lyric, “You don’t even know what come with that shit” reiterates Keef’s reality – that there’s a heavy cost attached to this lifestyle, one that outsiders may not fully comprehend.

The metaphor “Ice in my cup, December 24”, signifies the consumption of lean — a popular recreational drug in the hip-hop community, while “.45 bigger than an elephant though” is an exaggeration pointing towards the .45 caliber gun he wields, which is a symbol of power and control.

Keef’s phrase “Go to court smellin’ like I sell elbows” is quite expressive, indicating that he shows up to court smelling like marijuana — as if he’s openly dealing. It’s a potent representation of his defiance towards law enforcement and the judicial system.

The closing verses echo the opening lines, coming back full circle to the realities of the life he leads, with the recital of “uh uh” implying his continued resistance to change his lifestyle, despite the dangers and consequences inherent in it.

Overall, Chief Keef and Playboi Carti’s “Uh Uh” surfaces as a flaunt of their hazardous lifestyle, while simultaneously serving as a critique of such life choices. They carefully maintain their self-assured swagger and hardness, which is central to their public personas, while subtly acknowledging the perilous side of their life choices — a balancing act that is characteristic of much of their music output.

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