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Meaning of ‘Upset’ by ‘Brent Faiyaz’ feat. FELIX!, Tommy Richman

Released: 2023

“Upset” by Brent Faiyaz featuring FELIX! and Tommy Richman dives deep into feelings of detachment and emotional resilience. It’s about brushing off negativity and not letting life’s imperfections get the best of you.

Brent kicks off the track with, “I be like fuck it at the same time I don’t say fuck it / Now look what I’m stuck with.” He’s wrestling with a sense of acceptance and frustration, like he’s fed up but won’t fully voice it. Even when things go wrong, he’s too emotionally numb to get upset, signaling a form of emotional self-defense.

The repetition of “I don’t care if I’m in the wrong / I don’t get upset,” reflects a nonchalant attitude toward mistakes, both his own and others’. It’s a vibe of resilience and refusing to dwell on negativity. “I know I can’t trust it / Now look what I’m stuck with” amplifies his skepticism in relationships and situations, yet again highlighting his determination to remain unfazed.

In the lines, “I like your style but I know you’re the worst / Don’t judge me,” Brent acknowledges an internal conflict. He’s drawn to someone but fully aware of their toxic traits. The following lines, “You’re lying in my bed but now it’s above me / So don’t get it off your chest,” suggest that he’s beyond trying to fix or discuss issues, signaling emotional exhaustion.

Further into the song, the lyrics “I know you love me / Don’t judge me” reveal a conflict between his desire for love and fear of judgment. It’s this tug-of-war between connection and self-protection that drives his emotional stance. When he says, “I don’t really think you got no social queues,” he’s pointing out someone’s lack of awareness or understanding, reflecting frustration but also his own detachment.

The recurring line “I just came back from a flight / Feel crazy” serves as a metaphor for feeling disoriented or out of place. The mention of “minimum wages” and “when I get paid don’t feel nothin'” speaks to grinding hard yet feeling emotionally unfulfilled. It’s about chasing success but remaining unaffected by external rewards.

“Upset” embodies a mood of disconnection and self-protective numbness. Brent Faiyaz, FELIX!, and Tommy Richman together create a textured narrative of emotional resilience, skepticism, and the struggle to stay unbothered in the face of life’s ups and downs. The repetition amplifies the central theme: keep it moving, stay unfazed, and don’t let the bs get to you.

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