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Meaning of ‘WAIT FOR U’ by ‘Future’ feat. Drake, Tems

Released: 2022

Features: Drake, Tems

Aight, let’s dive into the heart of “WAIT FOR U” by Future, featuring Drake and Tems. Off the rip, the track spins a tale of emotional complexity, loyalty, and vulnerability in the face of love’s trials and tribulations. This joint oscillates between confessions of addiction and the real-life impact it has on relationships, all while sending up a flare that signals an undeniable connection which keeps these lovers gravitating back to each other, no matter the emotional storms.

The song kicks off with a vibe that sets the stage for this ghostly love narrative. Future croons about waiting for a lover regardless of the hour, symbolizing the timeless and deep nature of his commitment. It’s layered though—when he mentions that “Presidential Rollie already on the way,” he’s painting a picture of success and luxury, indicating he’s sending gifts to show love, trying to cope with distance and time apart that his lifestyle demands.

He gets real when he brings up his demons and drug use—codeine to be specific—revealing that substance abuse makes him drop his guard and reveal his true feelings (“I get vulnerable”). That’s deep. Homie’s saying that in his intoxicated state, he’s more open to expressing his emotions which he normally keeps locked down tight. When he talks about being “in the field like the children of the corn,” the reference is twofold: he’s out there grinding hard in the music game, but also alluding to the horror film “Children of the Corn,” suggesting there’s something sinister about the lifestyle he’s mired in.

Drake comes through with his verse, keeping it a hundred by chronicling his own struggles with balancing the rap game’s demands and a romantic relationship. When he mentions sitting on his balcony pondering, it’s a reflective moment where success feels empty without someone to share it with. He also drops the line about being “on your line, feelings flowing like a river,” showcasing his effort to keep the communication going strong despite the hurdles.

Yet, there’s also betrayal and hurt in the mix. Drake questions why his girl would introduce him to someone she was already involved with, and how that deceit led to emotional turmoil. And let’s not overlook when he cleverly flips the script from the luxurious watch reference Future dropped by saying “You was with me when you had the tiny Presidential,” highlighting that he was down for her before the glow-up. It’s a stark reminder that material gains ain’t always corresponding with genuine growth in a relationship.

The track is dotted with Tems’ haunting echoes of waiting, infusing the song with a sense of longing and the promise of loyalty despite the chaos. It’s like she’s the voice of the conscience, or the hopeful spirit that lingers even when things get murky.

In summary, “WAIT FOR U” is a complex web of love, struggle, and truth—it’s about the clash between a life of luxury and fame with the raw, often ugly reality of intimate relationships. Future and Drake spit verses that give us a window into their souls, revealing their struggles with fame’s isolation, the consequences of their choices, and the ever-present hope for something real amidst the chaos. They ain’t just waiting on love, they’re wrestling with it—seeking clarity, craving that genuine connection, and trying to navigate the storm to find their way back home to the heart.

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