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Meaning of ‘Wants and Needs’ by ‘Drake’ feat. Lil Baby

Released: 2021

Drake’s “Wants and Needs” featuring Lil Baby dives into the complexity of desires versus necessities in life, especially from the perspective of someone navigating fame and wealth. It’s a reflection on personal growth, ethical dilemmas, and the constant balancing act between worldly pleasures and spiritual redemption.

Drake kicks off the track talking about dodging drama and focusing on success, throwing a shade on those stuck in the rat race. When he mentions, “Whippin’ Benz concept, Heaven-sent, God-sent,” he’s mixing the luxury of life with divine grace, suggesting his success is preordained. Drake then plays with the irony of living a sinful lifestyle while acknowledging his need for Jesus, a nod to the duality in his personal life, where material success clashes with spiritual emptiness.

Lil Baby jumps in, blending lines about wealth, women, and street credibility. When he says, “I’m not a GOA, but I fit the description,” he’s humbly acknowledging his rising status in the rap game without claiming the top spot outright. His verse is a bravado-laden piece on how he navigates fame, relationships, and his past, shedding light on the hustle required to maintain his success. The mention of “ferrariLas Vegas, Nevada” and losing it symbolizes the highs and lows of luxury living, yet not letting setbacks derail his ambition.

Both artists are intertwined in their reflections on the temptations they face and their awareness of the need for spiritual grounding amidst their success, encapsulated in the recurring theme, “Sins, I got sins on my mind / And some M’s, got a lot of M’s on my mind.” It’s a raw look into their internal struggles, acknowledging their imperfections and the constant pull between worldly desires and spiritual needs.

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