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Meaning of ‘Wassup’ by ‘Lil Uzi Vert’ feat. Future

Released: 2020

“Wassup” by Lil Uzi Vert and Future, is a dope cut that boasts about overcoming adversity, wealth accumulation, and their audacious defiance towards their enemies. The track paints a vivid picture of their experiences, exuding a relentless, defiant vibe fueled by street-smart perseverance.

The hook, a repetitive “What’s up?” is a rhetorical check-in, almost like a call to arms or a nod to their crew – a homage to the real ones who’ve hustled, scrapped, and made it against the odds. Uzi and Future are sayin’, “We see you, what’s the situation, we’re here, we’re on it.”

With verses like, “I’ma make sure they remember me, ‘Cause I walk around with lot of enemies”, Uzi and Future are clear that they’ve marked their territory, they’re here to stay, and they won’t let any haters forget it. The phrase “new lemon squeeze” is street slang for a fresh firearm – they’re sending out a warning to their enemies, and staying strapped to ensure they can defend themselves. This line conveys their readiness for any throw down that may arise.

They flex their alien-like uniqueness with lines like, “Everybody know I am from outer space, So you know that aliens be sendin’ me”. Here they’re flaunting their otherworldly style and their ability to stay ahead of the game, indicating that even extraterrestrial beings recognize their steez.

The line “Got that lemon squeeze for the trigger play” further underscores the readiness and willingness of these artists to defend their space and their wealth. It’s a cold world on these streets, and they’re making it known they’re willing to do what it takes to secure their place.

“Drankin’ yellow, feelin’ like a tycoon” is a reference to Future’s fondness for codeine, also known as ‘lean,’ a popular choice among many artists in the hip-hop community. Here, he compares the euphoria and invincibility he feels under its influence to the power and wealth of a tycoon, a vibe he carries into his everyday life and music.

Overall, “Wassup” is a gutsy number that encapsulates the mentality of the streets – survival, dominance, and the relentless pursuit of success – packaged into a high-octane anthem that exudes defiance, boldness and raw swagger.

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