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Meaning of ‘Watch This’ by ‘Lil Uzi Vert’ feat. sped up nightcore, ARIZONATEARS

Released: 2023Features: sped up nightcore, ARIZONATEARSAh, you’ve stumbled upon “Watch This” by Lil Uzi Vert. This track, peeps, is a high-octane brag rap that’s got Uzi flexin’ on his lifestyle, wealth, and grip on the rap game. It’s like he’s painting a vivid picture of his rise, dripping in designer threads, and leaving his foes in the dust. Now, let’s break it down and peel back layers on those bars, ensuring everyone gets the full picture.

The opener is a straight flex about Uzi’s whip—no regular ride but one laced with bulletproof glass and a ceiling screen. When he says it cost him “seven beans,” he’s talking seven figures, my friends, a cool million plus. “Beans” in hip-hop slang often refers to money, so here, Uzi’s squashing any undersell of his flash. Following that, Uzi dives into dream-chasing and living a life many can only fantasize about. From lavish possessions to intimate encounters, no topic is spared. The phrase “I fucked your bitch pussy, Vaseline” is Uzi boasting about his sexual conquests in a rather explicit manner, using “Vaseline” as a metaphor for ease and slickness.

The line “Hatin’ ass nigga turn me to meme” speaks volumes about the age we’re living in. It’s a nod to how any publicity, even from haters, still keeps one relevant or ‘meme-able’ in today’s digital culture. Moving on, “I cannot get tired of money/But this money, it will turn people right into greed,” serves as a brief reflective moment, acknowledging the double-edged sword of wealth.

The hook crisply summarizes Uzi’s message — with wealth (Benjamins in his pockets) he can command attention (“watch this”), incite energy in crowds, and captivate interest from others’ partners. It’s boastful, sure, but also a candid snap of success in the rap game: visibility, influence, and a bit of controversy.

Uzi doesn’t shy away from touching on darker themes, either. “All these drugs keep fucking with my conscience” hints at the toll of substance use, a candid reflection within the celebration. And the lines about “changing my clothes, depending on my mood” and never “changin’ my shows” reflect the fluid, ever-evolving nature of his identity and career, yet a consistent grip on his roots and core values.

“Niggas, they goin’ outside like a hall, ’cause they not following rules,” could be Uzi’s way of saying that those who don’t play smart or respect the game end up “outside” or left out. And flaunting his jewels without ever tucking them away is a bold statement of fearlessness and status.

The closing lines delve deeper into Uzi’s lifestyle, filled with “Dead men” (slang for money, referencing the deceased presidents on US currency) and narcotics, suggesting an almost indifferent attitude toward the more superficial relationships and interactions in his circle (“That’s your little bitch, please don’t disown her”).

“Watch This” isn’t just a track; it’s a manifesto of Lil Uzi Vert’s ascent and the realities—both gleaming and gritty—of the lifestyle he now embodies. Each verse is like a chapter in a lavish, unapologetic saga that’s as much about the highs as it is about the lows. So, when Uzi tells us to “watch this,” he’s inviting us into a spectacle, a slice of his universe, and urging us to witness the complexities of fame and fortune in the hip-hop game.

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