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Meaning of ‘waves’ by ‘Miguel’ feat. Tame Impala

Released: 2016

Features: Tame Impala

Aight, so we diving into “waves – Tame Impala Remix” by Miguel, with that psychedelic twist from Tame Impala. This track is about that irresistible pull of attraction and the hypnotic, wave-like rhythms of passion. It’s audio surf embodied—catch the wave or wipe out.

Let’s break it down, homies. The song kicks off with that “Uh, set it up, keep rollin’, rollin’, drop it,” catchphrase, setting the stage for a joint that’s all about motion, about keeping the beat rolling as if it’s the waves themselves. And that line “Baby, drop it like it’s stolen,” it ain’t about thievery, it’s about lettin’ go with such urgency, like you gotta get rid of something hot, but in this context, it’s all about droppin’ inhibitions.

Miguel’s talkin’ ’bout a shawty with a “body built for the beach,” right? Like, this lady he’s with, she’s got that allure, that vibe that’s as natural and captivating as the sea itself. When he asks “Do you got that ocean?” he’s asking if she’s got that depth, that mystery, and that power to pull him in, just like the ocean does to the shore. The “Body surf, don’t sleep” lines, this ain’t about catching literal waves, y’all. He’s speaking on physical intimacy, riding the highs of their encounter all night, never pausing, never resting ’til they reach the “peak”—that climax.

The whole idea of ‘riding that wave’ is like a mantra throughout the song, repeated over and over to emphasize the ongoing desire and the continuous vibe they’re on. It embodies the energy and the groove they’re locked into, this endless dance that they don’t want to stop.

As the chorus fades out, we’re left with the feeling of wanting to stay in the moment forever, like a perfect wave that never breaks. That’s the power of this Tame Impala Remix—it brings a trippy, almost endless soundscape that has you wanting to ride that wave on repeat. The pairing of Miguel’s smooth vocals with Tame Impala’s psychedelic touch creates a vibe that’s chilled out yet charged, just like that perfect day chillin’ oceanside, where time seems to pause.

So, there you have it. This remix is all about the vibe, the sensation, and that continuous motion. It’s a celebration of desire, of connection, and the natural rhythm that comes when two forces meet and ride it out, be it the tide or the melody. Unlocking the beauty of this track is like catching a perfect swell—you feel it in your soul, and it carries you away.

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