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Meaning of ‘We Go Where Ever We Want’ by ‘French Montana’ feat. Ne-Yo, Raekwon

Released: 2013

“We Go Where Ever We Want” is a track that boasts of success, luxurious lifestyle, and loyalty among close ones. With French Montana, Ne-Yo, and Raekwon bringing their unique flavors, the song serves as an anthem for those who’ve made it against the odds, merging the worlds of luxury and street smarts.

The intro sets the stage with a call-out to the fakes and posers, emphasizing authenticity and success. Phrases like “Diamond Range Rover” and “Gold chains, golden boy” not only showcase wealth but also a certain status that comes from hard-earned success. Montana talks about elevating from buying luxury cars to owning planes, highlighting a level of wealth that’s beyond the average rapper. When he says “Shawty held me down when the people on it”, it’s about loyalty during tough times, a nod to real relationships built in the grind.

The chorus brings a clear message: there are levels to this game, and not everyone can roll in the circles French Montana and his crew do. The repeated lines “Them niggas can’t go where we go / Cause we go wherever we want” underscore the exclusivity of their success and lifestyle. The vibe is one of unparalleled freedom and achievement, symbolized through their ability to do as they please without limitation.

Ne-Yo’s verse adds a layer of reflection and gratitude. The line “I skip prayers just to make money / I hope God forgive me, man / I was hungry” touches on the sacrifices made on the way up, and the moral complexities of hustling. This verse brings a touch of reality to the glamor, acknowledging the hard choices made in the pursuit of success.

Raekwon’s contribution reinforces the themes of luxury and success but from a veteran’s perspective. His lines speak to expensive tastes, like the “Harry Winston under the goose” and a lifestyle that’s come from years in the game. The mention of “independent drug game dummy” pays homage to self-made routes to wealth outside of conventional means, while “These are big boy scholars / Flash money like Floyd” lines exhibit pride in both intellect and the ability to flaunt wealth.

Overall, “We Go Where Ever We Want” is a track brimming with confidence, boasting the kind of success that comes from street savvy mixed with hard work. Each artist brings their own story of overcoming obstacles, wrapped in a luxurious beat that makes you feel part of their exclusive club.

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