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Meaning of ‘We Still Don’t Trust You’ by ‘Future’ feat. Metro Boomin

Released: 2024 • Features: Metro Boomin

“We Still Don’t Trust You” by Future, featuring Metro Boomin, unfolds as a narrative of mistrust, relationship tension, and an uneasy balance of fame and love. It uses the motifs of a damaged relationship and an international superstar lifestyle to highlight the complexities that Future faces.

The hook, “We still don’t trust you”, is a persistent declaration of suspicion towards the female protagonist of the song. Future is upfront about the emotional walls he’s built. The parentheses (“You fell apart, gradual”, “We broke your heart from the start”) serve as an internal dialogue, giving context to his mistrust. It suggests a history of loss and disappointment in the relationship, causing a rift that is hard to bridge.

Future swings into the more glamorous aspect of his life in, “And the Paris girls, they sing my song with love / In the stadium is where I feel at home”. It’s a nod to his global acclaim, expressing his comfort and pleasure in playing to huge crowds worldwide. This is juxtaposed against his personal struggles, creating a sharp contrast between his public and private life and adding to the song’s emotional complexity.

“And she love the stage, it got her sexual / Electricity, transparency, higher than we will never be / I am loving our chemistry” reveals that although Future and his partner have deep chemistry, there always seems to be a more enticing ‘stage’ or setting that distracts them from attaining a higher level of connection. The repeated phrase, “She’s such a freak / Bad and freaky, yeah” seems to embody a love-hate sentiment. He’s both drawn to her sexually, and perhaps somewhat resentful for the complications she brings, creating an intriguing tension in the song.

The closing repetition of “We still don’t trust-trust-trust-trust-trust-trust-trust-trust / Trust-trust-trust-trust-trust you / Trust you / Trust you / Trust you / We still don’t trust you”, hammers home the deep-seated mistrust and uncertainty that defines their relationship. It’s a potent reminder of the discord and unsettled feelings that can continue to persist, even amidst the bright glare of a superstar lifestyle.

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