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Meaning of ‘WHAT DO U LIKE’ by ‘Tommy Richman’

Released: 2024

“WHAT DO U LIKE” by Tommy Richman is a deep dive into a tumultuous relationship where communication and misunderstandings reign. It deals with feelings of unappreciation, disconnection, and emotional turmoil, wrapped around a catchy beat and melodic delivery.

The track kicks off with Tommy asking, *”What do you like?”*, indicating a desire to understand the other person’s preferences. But despite his effort, he finds himself grappling with their ungrateful attitude, shown in lines like *”You’re so ungrateful, lately”*. The repetition here amplifies his frustration and the inconsistency of their behavior.

The line *”I got amenities, got amenities”* signifies that he has much to offer, but the other person seems indifferent. Mentioning the *”television screen”* suggests distractions that hinder meaningful connection. He questions their actions, using the slang *’creen*, perhaps hinting at the artifice or the drama they bring into the relationship.

Tommy emphasizes the disconnect, lamenting, *”You’re goin’ outside again since last week”*, indicating their physical and emotional distance. The line *”I don’t hang in that crowd now”* shows he’s trying to avoid toxic influences. He assures them, *”Stick by me and I’ll double, you fuckin’ will”*, promising growth if they stay together, though it’s clear this bond is straining.

He then gets real about their behavior with lines like, *”You’re going to hell right now”*. The mention of *”Mom told me to tell the truth”* signifies a moment of clarity and honesty. He calls the other person out for their childishness, declaring, *”You’re a fuckin’ kid, I said it, you don’t wanna give me credit”*. This raw confrontation underscores his frustration.

The narrative reveals Tommy’s sense of betrayal and resignation, with lines like, *”You ran away for miles just to come back and chase me”*. It highlights the constant push and pull in this toxic dynamic. Despite it all, Tommy finds a silver lining, *”after everything I’ve done, I’m glad I’m still alive”*, showing his resilience and hope for the future.

He circles back to the chorus, echoing, *”Tell me, what do you like?”*, which now feels more like a rhetorical question. It’s clear that genuine understanding and appreciation are missing. The repeated *’creen* in the outro brings the song full circle, emphasizing the constant cycle of confusion and discontent.

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