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Meaning of ‘Who Do You Love?’ by ‘YG’ feat. Drake

Released: 2014

Features: Drake

“Who Do You Love?” by YG featuring Drake is a brag-heavy hip-hop track that plays heavily into street credibility, status, and loyalty. The lyrics highlight a narrative of street life, wealth accumulation, and a denunciation of fake friends. It blends gangsta rap influences with a more contemporary hip-hop lens, resulting in a gritty and assertive banger.

YG kicks off with the stinging assertion, “I’m that nigga with the plugs / I’m the nigga who got homies that be sellin’ drugs”. Here, he’s laying claim to his street credibility, a cornerstone in the construction of his persona as a rapper hailing from Compton. The ‘plugs’ refers to connections, usually involving illegal activities which, in this case, involve drug dealing. The phrase ‘stash the Glock’ means to hide a Glock, a popular firearm. His usage of ‘Porsche sittin’ on Forgis’ and ‘The Panamera shittin’ on the 911′ is YG showing off his Porsche Panamera, implicitly stating it’s superior to a Porsche 911, both high-end vehicles in their own right.

In the repeated phrase, “Bitch, who do you love?”, YG demands loyalty and makes it clear he expects unflinching love and loyalty from those around him.

When Drake jumps in, he’s all about the music and the success he and his crew, OVO, have achieved. Terms like ‘turnt up’ illustrate the intensity and energy in the studio. Drake highlights his camaraderie with other well-known figures in the industry, like Game and Lil Wayne. The ‘motto’ is a reference to Drake’s own song ‘The Motto’ and the ‘Golden State’ is California, where he often travels for work and pleasure. “I’m the general, just makin’ sure my soldiers straight” – Drake is saying he takes care of his crew and ensures everyone is alright.

When YG returns for the last verse, he reiterates his identity as the successful guy from the block who made it big, again mentioning his six-figure Bank of America account. He repeats the phrase “Who do you love?” which while simple, underscores the song’s overall theme of loyalty and authenticity.

The song ends with YG naming his deceased homies, acknowledging how street violence and criminal activity have claimed the lives of people he was close to. It’s a sobering finish, reminding listeners of the harsh realities and risks that come with street life.

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