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Meaning of ‘Whole Lot’ by ’21 Savage’

Released: 2017

“Whole Lot” by 21 Savage is a gritty anthem that dives into themes of street life, success, and the problems that surface with newfound fame and wealth. The lyrics portray a stark landscape where loyalty is scarce, and survival is paramount. This track is filled with street narratives, showcasing an unfiltered look into Savage’s world.

In the opening lines, 21 Savage flexes his status and wealth with casual confidence, mentioning, “Yeah nigga, I hit your wife and all, y’know what I’m sayin’?” This establishes his bold, unapologetic attitude. The refrain repeats the core of his message: making a “whole lotta guala” (money) brings “whole lotta problems,” reflecting on the tumultuous changes that wealth can bring.

He raps about the betrayal from his main woman sleeping with his partner, but he shrugs it off, stating, “Nigga, we ain’t trippin’, we ballin’.” Here, he’s showing resilience and focusing on his success despite personal setbacks. The mention of “a whole lotta shotters” and “hang around a whole lotta robbers” underscores the dangerous company he keeps, emphasizing the gritty reality of his environment.

Savage continues to reflect on his street mentality by stating, “Straight up out the gutter, we charted,” indicating his rise from the bottom to the top of the charts, while still maintaining a “heartless” and relentless attitude. He explicitly declares he’s “a street nigga and a artist,” illustrating the duality of his persona—someone deeply rooted in the streets yet successful in the music industry.

In the next verses, 21 Savage speaks candidly about his life, pain, and principles. “Pain runnin’ through my veins, I don’t want the fame, I just wanna eat,” he raps, signifying his primary goal isn’t fame but survival. His disdain for fake rappers is clear when he mentions, “You rap niggas sweeter than a mango,” mocking them for their softness.

Later in the song, Savage talks about his readiness for violence with “I keep it on me, one in the head, I’m cockin’ it back,” reinforcing his vigilant stance. The repetition in the chorus about making a “whole lotta guala” and dealing with “whole lotta problems” hammers home the song’s main theme.

Throughout, phrases like “catch a nigga ridin’ down College” use local references to root the song in his real-life experiences, while “we don’t talk about it, we shotters” emphasizes action over words—Savage and his crew are doers, not talkers. This track is a raw portrayal of the highs and lows that come with street credibility and wealth.

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