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Meaning of ‘Wrong Side of the Gun’ by ‘IAMGAWD’ feat. Clypto, J. Arrr

Released: 2024

Features: Clypto, J. Arrr

“Wrong Side of the Gun” by IAMGAWD, featuring Clypto and J. Arrr, is a gripping narrative that lyrically portrays their rise from struggle to prominence. It emphasizes the devaluation of authenticity in rap while expressing their determination to remain true to their craft, and the endurance they needed to ensure their stories left a mark. Set against the gritty backdrop of their precarious environments, the song reflects on the trials and tribulations they encountered before achieving success.

The opening verse introduces IAMGAWD as a “lyrical sorcerer,” indicating his exceptional skill in song crafting. When he mentions, “from the Courts to Corsica,” he is referencing respect received from local neighborhoods up to international recognition. His reference to “rappers looking cornier” draws a distinction between him and mainstream artists who often prioritize commercial success over authentic lyrical content. The sports reference to “Byron Leftwich” is a metaphor for his desire to replace mundane music with his lyrically intensive style.

“Moody sometimes dejected/ Grew up in a habitat that’s unruly and crime-infested” vividly paints a picture of their life struggles, indicating that they’ve experienced lows and faced potentially dangerous circumstances. “Rhymes majestic now, was down but they knew we was plyometric” talks about their resilience and potential, indicating how they’re now revered as skilled lyricists. Plyometric is a reference to explosive movements, signaling the explosive rise in their craft.

The line “you goofies is good with living in locks and chains” disparages artists who compromise their creative freedom for mainstream acceptance, while “I’m tryna block the pain and make sure that my life was not in vain” shows their determination to make a lasting impact with their music and ensure their struggles were not for nothing.

“Why all these niggas be claiming they life a movie but it’s fictional mainly” criticizes artists who falsify their experiences for popularity and recognition. The scathing remark of “these niggas never spit from the soul cause they trash in spirit” implies that these artists lack depth, while “two living legends two kings of the culture you niggas peasants” cements their status as highly respected presences in the rap community.

The final lines “Two lethal weapons pray you ain’t on the wrong side of the gun nigga” can be understood in multiple ways. It could be a warning to other rappers, especially those who don’t respect the essence of rap, or it could simply mean that they’ve grown strong enough to protect themselves from the adversities that once tested them. With each verse infused with personal history and a sharp critique of the industry, “Wrong Side of the Gun” makes a powerful statement, setting IAMGAWD, Clypto, and J. Arrr apart in the evolving landscape of hip-hop.

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