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Meaning of ‘Yacht Club’ by ‘Lil Yachty’ feat. Juice WRLD

Released: 2018 • Features: Juice WRLD

With the lyrical prowess of Lil Yachty and Juice WRLD, “Yacht Club” paints a vivid picture of their luxurious lifestyle and assertive attitude. This song serves as a bold statement about their rise in the hip-hop scene and the perks and challenges that come along with their fame.

The song opens with the lines, “Runnin’ up bands, got my guap up / All the bad hoes wanna top us.” Here, “bands” refers to stacks of money, and “guap” is another slang for money. As their wealth increases, they’re overwhelmed by the attention from attractive women. This establishes the setting for their wild, party-filled lifestyles and fame. The reference to getting kicked out of the “yacht club” underscores their disruptive and nonconformist approach to success.

Juice WRLD then takes over with his verse, bringing in elements of his typical emo-rap style, talking about self-medication with lean, a popular yet dangerous codeine-based drink. He also brings up insecurities about needing a woman that’ll “hold him down,” showcasing vulnerability amidst the glitz and glamour.

The lyrics, “Blessed boys under 21, steady flexin’ / I’m gettin’ too rich, can’t do flights with connections,” reveal their youth and quick rise to fame, how their skyrocketing wealth changes their lifestyle. The reference to flights with connections adds a touch of the luxury that their success has brought them.

The line, “I’m a young king, I might fuck Alexis Texas / But I ain’t on no Drake shit, I won’t get her pregnant,” is a clear reference to adult film star Alexis Texas and a nod to Drake’s well-publicized experience of unexpectedly becoming a father. This line is an example of their audacious outlook, asserting their control over their situations.

In the chorus, the phrase “Me and Boat got kicked out the yacht club” involves a fun interplay on Lil Yachty’s name ‘Boat’ and the term ‘yacht club,’ indicating the duo’s irreverent and disruptive presence in the rap industry.

However, the line, “This baby got your face / So fuck that lil’ baby, boy’s back to the place,” leaves a note of irresponsibility, showing the adverse effects of their hedonistic lifestyle. This echoes a recurring motif in hip-hop – the struggle of balancing personal relationships and the trappings of fame.

Ultimately, “Yacht Club” is a narrative that shows the dichotomy of success – the thrill of rising up in the hip-hop world, the wild party life it brings, and the pitfalls and challenges it presents. Flowing through the hedonistic lifestyle, personal dilemmas, and a bold audacity, Lil Yachty and Juice WRLD lay down a track that’s a potent portrayal of young fame and success in the hip-hop scene.

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