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Meaning of ‘Yonce Freestyle’ by ‘Kevin Gates’ feat. B.G., Sexyy Red

Released: 2023

Features: B.G., Sexyy Red

“Yonce Freestyle” by Kevin Gates, featuring B.G. and Sexyy Red, breathes an atmosphere of hedonistic excess and elite status. The song celebrates wealth, power, sexual freedom, and lifestyle of hip-hop superstars, woven together with a catchphrase referring to the energy at a Beyoncé concert. This paints a picture of a world that is simultaneously grounded in reality yet elevated by fame and success.

The song revolves around the ‘Beyoncé concert’ motif, serving as an allegory for a celebration of a life of success and excess. Gates compares his excitement and energy to being at a Beyoncé concert, a potent symbol for high-energy parties and the upper echelons of entertainment. Gates uses this imagery in a playful manner, using the euphemism of being ‘beyond turnt’ to suggest intoxication or an altered state.

Kicking off the track, Gates delivers a potent picture of his luxurious lifestyle- the ‘designer store inside the mall’, the ‘bread winner elevator in his garage’, and the ‘micro exotic bulldogs’. The repeated phrase, “the addy kicked in,” refers to Adderall, a prescription drug often misused recreationally for its energy-boosting effects.

Sexyy Red’s verse brings a more assertive female perspective, emphasizing her own sex appeal, wealth, and assertiveness. She identifies herself a ‘ghetto Barbie’, suggesting her simultaneous identification with street culture and the materialistic and aesthetic ideals of mainstream femininity. When she sings “ass gettin’ fat, I turned a hater to a fan,” it drives home the idea that her growing wealth and success silences her critics.

The third verse takes us deeper into the party atmosphere. Gates emphasizes physicality and proximity, combining with the previous drug references to paint a thriving scene of hedonism. His command to “bend over” and “stand up on your toes” suggests a sexual encounter, while the repeated refrain to ‘breathe’ might imply either the intensity of the situation, the physical exertion involved or both.

Lastly, Gates introduces B.G., referencing his fellow rapper as his ‘brother’, indicating a close relationship. Gates confirms his authenticity by saying, “I’m a real nigga, love real bitches.” This assertive statement suggests that, despite the hedonism and fame, Gates retains a certain degree of authenticity and loyalty, valuing genuine people in his circle.

Overall, “Yonce Freestyle” serves as both a celebration of and commentary on hip-hop culture’s expectations and excesses. It’s a testament to the fine line between success and excess, the real and the fake, and authenticity amidst ostentatious display.

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