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Meaning of ‘YUPP!’ by ‘Ghostface Killah’ feat. Remy Ma

Released: 2024

“YUPP!” by Ghostface Killah featuring Remy Ma is all about unapologetic toughness and street credibility. The joint is a raw, unfiltered display of their no-nonsense attitudes and willingness to handle beef directly. The rappers use intense imagery and braggadocio to convey that they aren’t ones to be messed with.

The intro sets the stage by painting a chaotic scene with the words of a dispatcher. This establishes a sense of urgency and danger, hinting that the track will dive into some serious issues and intense moods.

Ghostface kicks off the first verse with, “Yup – who the fuck you niggas think you’re playing with.” He’s not here for games, making it clear he’s willing to throw hands or worse. Lines like “give you 33, like I’m Mason” refer to hitting someone hard, likening it to NBA player Anthony Mason’s number.

He wraps up the verse with visceral lines like “hogtie him up in the basement,” suggesting a brutal means of dealing with adversaries, and “mask on you don’t even know who you facing,” indicating he’s always prepared for action, hidden behind a mask.

The hook continues to underscore his readiness to deal violence: “Yup – cheerleaders I will kill your mascot” makes it clear he’s willing to take out anyone in your crew, not just the main players. “Get your casket closed like a laptop” is a brutal metaphor for ending someone’s life swiftly and definitively.

Second verse hits just as hard with Ghostface embracing Staten Island’s gritty nature, “Staten Island gangsters love to get money.” He warns against underestimating them: “The switch blade’ll fillet him” emphasizes their willingness to use any means necessary to get ahead.

The verse continues with dark warnings: “Niggas will rob you and take your pharmaceuticals,” directly threatening to strip enemies of their possessions, followed by “Gon’ be a lot of slow singing at your funeral,” depicting the inevitable consequences.

Remy Ma steps in with a fierce third verse, making her presence and reputation known: “Y’all know how I give it up, I’m really that bitch, y’all just little mutts.” She emphasizes her dominance in the rap game and her disdain for pretenders.

Lines like “If I give the okay’s AK’s will spray the shit” highlight her power and influence. Remy finishes with “I be thinkin’ I’m a punch her in the face and pay the bitch,” showing she’s ready to handle things herself and deal with the consequences later.

The final hook reiterates the constant theme of readiness for violence and the assertion of dominance: “Yup – get your casket closed like a laptop. And you ain’t gotta be a bitch to get your ass shot.” The track ends with the exact message it started with—don’t mess with Ghostface or Remy Ma unless you’re ready for serious repercussions.

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