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Meaning within the Lyrics of ‘Fade’ by ‘Kanye West’

“Fade” by Kanye West is a deeply introspective track that explores the flux of emotions Kanye experiences in his personal relationships and inner self. The song’s repetitious lyrics convey a hypnotic, almost trance-like feeling, reflecting the mental state of being consumed by your own thoughts and the associated feelings of isolation.

The main hook of the song – “Your love is fading, I feel it fade” – implies a deteriorating relationship that is impacting his mental state. However, the ambiguity of “your love” allows space for various interpretations – it could refer to a romantic partner, the public’s adoration, or even his own self-love. When Kanye says “When no one ain’t around…I think I think too much”, he’s illustrating the solitary nature of his thoughts, and how they tend to amplify when he’s alone.

The lyrics “Roll up, roll up, Hold up, hold up, Po’ up, po’ up” are typical hip-hop slang referring to the act of rolling marijuana, pausing for consideration, and then pouring up a drink, usually a codeine-based mixture. This sequence of behaviors is often used to escape from reality or numb feelings of discomfort, reinforcing the sense of disconnection and fading he repeatedly mentions. The line “Work the middle ’til it hurt a little” is double entendre, simultaneously referring to sexual activity and the pushing beyond one’s comfort zone to confront uncomfortable truths.

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Halfway through the song, Kanye drops a heated verse that is emblematic of his notoriously confident personality. When he raps “Fucking with a real ass nigga… Fuck how you feel ass nigga”, he calls out his detractors, making it clear that their opinions don’t affect him. The line “Bitch better act like you know better” further emphasizes this assertive, defiant attitude, asserting his dominance in the face of criticism.

Kanye then switches back to the repeating hook and another reflective verse, where he laments “You don’t even know, I’ve been so far gone… I’ve been on my shit, Whole world on my dick”. Here he expresses how he feels misunderstood and overlooked despite his successes, and how the weight of the world’s scrutiny bears down on him. When he mentions – “Deep, deep, down inside, I feel it”, it’s a powerful metaphor for introspection, revealing how these external pressures have impacted his internal emotional landscape.

“Fade” is a testament to Kanye West’s ability to use minimalism in his lyrics to convey complex emotions and states of mind. It showcases a more vulnerable side of the confident, brash superstar, unafraid to dive deep into his internal struggles. As listeners, we get a glimpse into his inner workings, gaining a deeper appreciation for the man behind the music.

However, if we look at Kanye Wests Fade video on the other hand, it makes one ponder of some more abstract views, featuring a cat face and sheep in the final scenes.

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