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Tink & Summer Walker Struggle with Moving On in “Songs About U”

Tink and Summer Walker are having a tough time letting go of a past lover in their latest track, “Songs About U.” This emotional single is part of Tink’s anticipated upcoming project, Winter’s Diary 5, her first release in the series after an eight-year hiatus.

Winter’s Diary 5 is especially significant for Tink, as the previous installments played a crucial role in launching her career. This new project follows her 2023 tape, Thanks 4 Nothing, which featured artists like Ty Dolla $ign and Yung Bleu.

What’s stirring up even more buzz is Tink’s collaboration with producer Hitmaka. The two had a tumultuous relationship, including allegations of a physical altercation, which Hitmaka has denied. Despite their rocky past, they managed to reconcile and work together in the studio. So far, Hitmaka has produced two tracks for Winter’s Diary 5, including “Songs About U.”

In this song, Tink and Summer Walker find themselves in a night of drinking and contemplating rekindling a toxic relationship. The lyrics capture the emotional struggle and the pull of old habits: “Cause I’m drunk off love and I can’t get off of you / First, we fight, then we f*** and make up / Got me coming back to you / All this toxic energy keep getting the best of me / Lovers to enemies, thought that would always be / Hit your phone in the club ‘cause I’m drunk.”

“Songs About U” serves as a compelling teaser for what fans can expect from Winter’s Diary 5. With its emotional depth and the intriguing backstory of its creation, this track adds another layer of anticipation for Tink’s upcoming release.

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