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Zacari Continues To Shine On Sultry New Single “Lonewolf Still”

Zacari has done it again. As the quiet force behind many Top Dawg Entertainment hits, he’s always been the go-to for soulful guest verses and uncredited album flourishes. Perhaps his best-known feature remains on Kendrick Lamar’s “LOVE,” but he’s equally mesmerized listeners on projects from Ab-Soul and even on the Black Panther soundtrack. With each new single, the anticipation for a solo release grows, and “Lonewolf Still” keeps that excitement alive.

This is Zacari’s second single of 2024, following the off-kilter acoustic vibes of “Ocean.” However, “Lonewolf Still” returns to his sultry R&B roots, and it works like a charm. The production here is spacey, something new for Zacari, drawing comparisons to the experimental sounds of blackbear or the more eclectic tracks from Post Malone. It’s a refreshing change, especially considering that some of Zacari’s previous singles had issues with generic beat selections.

The atmospheric production complements the evocative title and album cover perfectly. His lyrics add depth to the experience, with Zacari crooning, “Thunderstorms let me know God is watching over. Ain’t afraid of death as much as I’m afraid of comfort. Leave me ‘lone, you know I been plottin’ on a come up. And I don’t wanna see that girl unless she wanna come f*ck.” It’s melodramatic and raw, but it fits the textured musical backdrop.

There’s speculation that “Lonewolf Still” might be a prelude to Zacari’s long-awaited debut album. His evolution since the late 2010s has been palpable, and this single seems like a strong indication that he’s ready to take center stage. Fans are already buzzing with questions: Is this his best single yet? Will 2024 finally be the year of Zacari’s solo album? And who might he collaborate with next?

The buzz on social media is undeniable, and fans are eagerly sharing their thoughts. The commentary ranges from excitement about the new single to speculation about future collaborations. One thing is clear, though: Zacari has the attention of the music world, and everyone is eager to see what he does next.

Zacari’s “Lonewolf Still” is a compelling addition to his discography and sets the stage for what could be a monumental year for the TDE artist. As we wait for more details about a potential solo album, this single keeps the excitement and anticipation at an all-time high. Keep your eyes (and ears) on Zacari—big things are surely coming.

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