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11 Times a Rap Song was Drake feat. Drake

There’s no denying the fact that Drake has long established a name for himself over the past decade as one of the most versatile artists in the industry. Whether he’s delivering infectious hooks or spitting memorable verses, the OVO superstar has an unparalleled knack for commanding attention and making every track his own.

Like he said on “5AM in Toronto” — one of his most lyrical showcases ever — “Give these ni**as the look, the verse, and even the hook / That’s why every song sound like Drake featurin’ Drake.” Over the course of his rap career, Drizzy has gifted countless rappers the “Drake stimulus package,” blessing them with hit singles and Grammy nominations that they never would have gotten on their own.

From bangers like “100” with The Game, where Drake lets loose his introspective lyricism, to his charismatic performance on DJ Khaled’s “No New Friends,” he doesn’t just contribute to a track, he commandeers it. Then there’s the magnetic “Going Bad” with Meek Mill, where Drake flexes his skills to create a triumphant reconnection, and A$AP Rocky’s “Fuckin’ Problems” where even one a star-studded lineup like that, he still stands out.

So let’s get into it. From Birdman’s “Money to Blow” to Big Sean’s “Blessings” and BlocBoy JB’s “Look Alive,” here are 11 times a rap song was Drake feat. Drake.

11. Birdman ft. Lil Wayne & Drake – “Money to Blow”

11 Times Rap Song Drake Featuring Drake Birdman

Released: September 16, 2009

Album: Priceless

With “Money to Blow,” you can almost visualize Birdman tossing the keys to Drake and saying, “Take the wheel, kiddo!” The outcome? Pure gold. Weaving his quintessential blend of singing and rapping into track with his two mentors, Drake proves that he’s as capable a driver in the musical fast lane as any. He amplifies the track’s energy, and stamps his signature all over it. This was the one of the early examples of the Drake ft. Drake phenomenon.

10. Meek Mill ft. Drake – “R.I.C.O.”

Every Single Hip Hop Billboard Number One Album Since 1986 Meek Ii

Released: June 29, 2015

Album: Dreams Worth More Than Money

Drake steps onto Meek Mill’s stage and instantly cranks up the hype. Even though this track precedes their infamous beef, the Toronto rapper’s commanding presence is undeniable. It’s as if the song is his playground; he effortlessly swings from verse to hook, backed up a menacing production courtesy of Allen Ritter, CuBeatz and Vinylz. It’s a tour de force performance that screams: Drake doesn’t just feature, he dominates.

9. Lil Wayne ft. Drake – “Believe Me”

15 Most Lyrical Drake Songs Of All Time Believe Me

Released: May 6, 2014

Album: N/A

Here’s Drake, seemingly stepping out of Wayne’s shadow, ready to steal the spotlight. He slides into the track, hook first, lands a monster verse, then doubles back for more killer bars for the perfect beat switch . This is Drake ft. Drake in its purest form — “Believe Me” leaves no room for doubt: when the OVO rapper is on a track, he’s not just there to feature, he’s there to own it.

8. The Game ft. Drake – “100”

11 Times Rap Song Drake Featuring Drake Game 100

Released: June 25, 2015

Album: The Documentary 2

In “100,” Drake stars alongside The Game, delivering a potent message about the realities of fame and the value of genuine trust. With Drizzy on the hook, the song transforms into a captivating hip hop banger-ballad, where his candid, introspective bars mesh with Game’s verses to reflect the struggles of staying real amidst the phoniness of the industry. The track’s message of “keeping it 100” is given more depth and authenticity, thanks to Drake’s potent hook.

7. DJ Khaled ft. Drake, Rick Ross, & Lil Wayne – “No New Friends”

11 Times Rap Song Drake Featuring Drake Khaled No New

Released: April 19, 2013

Album: Suffering from Success

“No New Friends” sees Drake taking center stage amidst a star-studded lineup, featuring DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne. As the spiritual successor to “Started From the Bottom,” the song shines with Drake’s effortless command over the hook and verse. He successfully unites the voices of Cash Money and MMG’s finest into a narrative of success and camaraderie, and blesses Khaled with another hit in the process.

6. Meek Mill ft. Drake – “Going Bad”

Every Single Hip Hop Billboard Number One Album Since 1986 Meek Mill Championships

Released: November 30, 2018

Album: Championships

On “Going Bad,” we witness the reunion of Meek Mill and Drake after their (very) public feud. Their previous collaboration, “R.I.C.O.,” had ignited a dispute that ended with the two rappers taking shots at each other. However, in “Going Bad,” the animosity is left in the past. The song becomes all about their regained friendship and an anthem of wealth and victory. Drake dominates the track as usual, delivering a hook that’s as catchy as it is emblematic of their collective triumph.

5. Big Sean ft. Drake & Kanye West – “Blessings”

Every Single Hip Hop Billboard Number One Album Since 1986 Big Dark

Released: January 30, 2015

Album: Dark Sky Paradise

“Blessings” is another big example of Drake totally dominating a song with other major artists. Even though Big Sean and Kanye both feature on this track, it’s Drake’s voice that sticks in your mind long after it ends. In this introspective number, where all three artists reflect on their come-up and stunt their successes, it’s Drake who shines the most.

4. BlocBoy JB ft. Drake – “Look Alive”

11 Times Rap Song Drake Featuring Drake Look Alive Bloc

Released: February 9, 2018

Album: Simi

A monster collaboration with Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB, Drake uses his personal connection to the city to breathe life into the lyrics. Whether it’s dropping hard-hitting verses or delivering a catchy hook, Drizzy proves his mettle in a show-stopping performance as he manages to blend in and stand out at the same time on the track.

3. 2 Chainz ft. Drake – “No Lie”

11 Times Rap Song Drake Featuring Drake 2 Chainz

Released: May 8, 2012

Album: Based on a T.R.U. Story

Leading up to the release of his debut album, Based on a T.R.U. Story , 2 Chainz was in search for a bonafide hit to put on a cap on his absurdly prolific feature run over the past year. Enter Drake and Mike Will Made It’s perfect on “No Lie.” The song isn’t just a track featuring Drake; it’s more like a victory lap where the Toronto superstar flexes his dominance of the rap game, running circles around the beat with his verse and hook.

2. DJ Khaled ft. Drake, Rick Ross, & Lil Wayne – “I’m on One”

11 Times Rap Song Drake Featuring Drake Khaled Im On One

Released: May 20, 2011

Album: We the Best Forever

The second single off Khaled’s fifth album, We the Best Forever , Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne all link up for the summer anthem. This already star-studded banger went from a hot song to a timeless banger when Drake decided to drop two hooks and a confrontational verse to set it all off. The success of “I’m on One” gave both Khaled and Ross their first top-ten hit and Grammy nomination.

1. A$AP Rocky ft. Drake, 2 Chainz, & Kendrick Lamar – “Fuckin’ Problems”

11 Times Rap Song Drake Featuring Drake Asap

Released: October 24, 2012


With A$AP Rocky under pressure to deliver a hit single for his debut album, it was Drake who came to the rescue, blessing the Harlem rapper with the biggest song of his career. A superstar-packed track that felt more like a reunion than an industry collaboration — Rocky, Kendrick and 2 Chainz were featured on Drake’s 2012 Club Paradise Tour — all four artists deliver on the promise of the song, but it’s Drizzy who steals the spotlight, once again. In an interview with XXL shortly after the song’s release, Drake explained that the song was initially meant for Kendrick’s good kid, m.A.A.d city , but it didn’t fit with the album’s narrative so he passed it on to Rocky instead.

Drake: Sure, I sacrificed the record. Maybe they’ll think I’m crazy for it, like when I gave Khaled “I’m On One” and “No New Friends.” A lot of people think I’m crazy for that too, but it’s like what you saw at the BET Awards. I’m very present in the rap game even when I’m working on an album. That’s what my work ethic is about—I get that from Wayne I think. What I do is sort of pick five or six songs and disperse out and say, “This is going to keep me very much alive in people’s minds for the next year.”

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