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The Best Canadian Rappers that are Hot Right Now

Too often folks forget about the crazy hip hop scene Canada’s got goin’ on. These past few years, cats north of the border been servin’ up beats and rhymes that go toe-to-toe with anything droppin’ in the States. It ain’t no fluke neither – it’s a whole movement of artists switchin’ up the game, addin’ that Canadian flavor, and snagging awards and international love.

From Shad droppin’ deep lyrics to Tory Lanez bringin’ wild new sounds, and of course, the unstoppable force that is Drake – Canada’s scene got somethin’ for everyone. You got K’naan tellin’ stories that hit you hard, underground vets like Moka Only still shapin’ the culture, and genre-benders like bbno$ and Night Lovell blowin’ up worldwide. Then there’s PARTYNEXTDOOR with the soulful vibes, and Madchild spittin’ raw bars – all addin’ their own style to the mix.

These cats, and plenty more, ain’t just makin’ tracks. They’re representin’ all the flavors of Canada, and puttin’ it on the map for real. So, let’s dig in! From Saukrates to NAV, here’s the hottest Canadian rappers right now, voted on by the real heads.



No discussion of Canadian hip hop is complete without mentioning Drake. From his early days on “Degrassi” to global superstardom, Drake has reshaped the music industry, blurring genre lines and setting streaming records. His influence extends beyond music, impacting fashion, language, and culture worldwide. Drake’s ascent from Toronto’s own to global ambassador has been a journey of relentless ambition and undeniable talent, making him the face of Canadian hip hop on the international stage.



Hailing from Nova Scotia, Classified has been a staple in Canadian hip hop for years, known for his storytelling and production skills. His dedication to the craft and his ability to speak to the everyday experiences of Canadians have made him a respected figure in the community.



With his melodic approach to trap and his introspective lyrics, NAV has risen to prominence in a crowded field. The Toronto rapper’s exploration of fame, fortune, and loneliness has resonated with listeners, making him a voice of his generation.



Blurring the lines between hip hop, rock, and reggae, k-os has been a genre-defying artist throughout his career, a pioneer in the Canadian music scene. His reflective lyrics and commitment to musical experimentation have endeared him to fans seeking depth and diversity in their music.



An accomplished songwriter and rapper, Belly has made waves both behind the scenes and in the spotlight, earning accolades like the award for best rap recording of the year for his contributions to the Canadian hip-hop scene. His introspective lyrics and knack for crafting hits have earned him respect and recognition, highlighting the depth of talent in Canadian hip hop.



A rising star in the Toronto scene, Killy has captured the attention of the youth with his melodic flow and trap-influenced beats. His viral success speaks to the changing dynamics of music discovery and the global reach of Canadian artists.



With his global hit “Wavin’ Flag,” K’naan brought a message of hope and unity to the world stage. The Somali-Canadian artist’s music is infused with his experiences as a refugee and his desire for social change, making him a powerful voice for peace and understanding.

Kardinal Offishall


A trailblazer for Toronto’s hip hop scene, Kardinal Offishall’s energetic flow and dancehall influences have made him a beloved figure. His ability to bring Caribbean vibes to hip hop has opened doors for future artists, showcasing the multicultural fabric of Canadian music. Whilst he hasn’t released new music for a few years, his influence remains strong.

Tory Lanez


Known for his versatility, Tory Lanez has been a chameleon in the music industry, effortlessly jumping between singing and rapping. The Brampton artist’s competitive nature and knack for creating hits have kept him in the spotlight, showcasing the diversity and talent present in Canadian hip hop.

Roy Woods


Another OVO Sound gem, Roy Woods mixes R&B sensibilities with hip hop beats, creating a sultry and emotive sound. The Brampton singer’s ability to convey deep emotions while keeping listeners engaged is a testament to his artistry and potential in the evolving landscape of music.

Jazz Cartier


Toronto’s Jazz Cartier has been at the forefront of the city’s hip hop evolution, offering a dynamic and energetic sound that has captivated audiences. His versatility and charismatic presence have made him one of the most exciting figures in the scene, pushing the boundaries of what Canadian hip hop can be whilst achieving Juno Awards for rap recording, breakthrough artist and best rap album.

Maestro Fresh Wes


Often hailed as the Godfather of Canadian Hip Hop, Maestro Fresh Wes broke barriers and set records with his debut in the late ’80s. His iconic track “Let Your Backbone Slide” remains a foundational piece of the Canadian hip hop narrative, inspiring a generation of artists with its energy and lyrical prowess.



With his insightful lyrics and engaging storytelling, Shad has established himself as a critical voice in Canadian hip hop, often discussed as a contender for the best Canadian rapper. The London, Ontario rapper’s exploration of social, political, and personal themes has earned him acclaim and a loyal fanbase. Shad’s commitment to authenticity and his intellectual approach to music make him a standout artist.



A key player in the OVO Sound roster, PARTYNEXTDOOR has redefined R&B with his moody, atmospheric tracks that blend seamlessly with hip hop elements. The Mississauga native’s songwriting and production skills have made him a go-to collaborator for artists across genres, showcasing the depth of Canadian talent and the versatility of Canadian hip hop musicians.



Pronounced “baby no money,” bbno$ has taken the internet by storm with his catchy hooks and humorous lyrics, such as the famous music video edamame. The Vancouver-based artist has carved a niche for himself in the hip hop scene with his unique brand of music, which combines elements of rap, electronic, and pop. His viral success is a testament to the changing landscape of music consumption and distribution, a shift that many Canadian rap artists are navigating with success.



A pioneer in the Toronto hip hop scene, Choclair helped lay the groundwork for the city’s emergence as a hip hop powerhouse. With smooth flows and classic beats, his music has a timeless quality that continues to influence the next generation of artists. Choclair’s contributions to Canadian hip hop have cemented his legacy as one of the genre’s stalwarts.



A member of the legendary group Swollen Members, Madchild has carved out a successful solo career with his intense delivery and dark, introspective lyrics, securing his place as a prominent Canadian rapper. The Vancouver rapper’s battles with addiction and his subsequent recovery have been central themes in his work, offering a raw and unfiltered look into his life and struggles.



Merkules combines raw emotion with technical skill, delivering tracks that are both powerful and poignant. The Surrey native has battled personal demons and societal expectations, using his music as a form of therapy and resistance, embodying the spirit of Canadian hip-hop artists. His storytelling ability and authentic presence have resonated with fans worldwide, making him a force in the genre.

Moka Only


A prolific figure in the underground scene, Moka Only has an extensive discography that showcases his versatility and innovation. Known for his smooth flow and jazzy beats, the Vancouver artist has remained true to his roots while experimenting with new sounds. Moka Only’s dedication to his craft and his consistent output have earned him a dedicated following.

Night Lovell


Ottawa’s Night Lovell brings a dark, atmospheric sound to the table, with haunting production and a deep, resonant voice. His music, often exploring themes of isolation and introspection, has captivated listeners around the globe. Night Lovell’s unique aesthetic and sound have positioned him as a leading figure in the underground scene.



From Vernon, SonReal brings a distinctive blend of hip hop and alternative music, crafting songs that straddle the line between genres. His lyrical honesty, coupled with an infectious energy, has made him a standout act. SonReal’s ability to connect with listeners through vulnerability and humor has set him apart in a crowded field.



Hailing from Ottawa, Dax’s journey from college athlete to rap sensation is a tale of relentless pursuit. Known for his introspective lyrics and powerful delivery, Dax has utilized social media to catapult his career, addressing themes of mental health, ambition, and resilience as a black Canadian rapper. His viral hits have not only garnered millions of views, but also sparked conversations about the direction of the rap scene, highlighting the evolving narrative within Canadian rap.



Known primarily as the leader of the South Korean group Epik High, Tablo’s Canadian roots have deeply influenced his artistry. Raised in Vancouver, his music is a testament to the power of storytelling, weaving complex narratives with emotional depth. Tablo’s bilingual prowess and intellectual lyricism have earned him a respected place in hip hop, both in Korea and internationally.

Kris Wu


Blending East and West, Kris Wu has emerged as a unique figure in hip hop. Born in Guangzhou but raised in Vancouver, his music carries a global appeal that bridges cultures. Wu’s foray into the international market has seen him mixing Mandarin and English, creating tracks that resonate across borders. His ability to cross over has made him a pivotal artist in the globalization of hip hop.



A veteran in the game, Saukrates has been a foundational figure in Canadian hip hop, influencing the debut albums of many emerging Canadian rappers. With a career that spans over two decades, his influence is undeniable. From producing hits to delivering bars that blend soulful melodies with gritty lyrics, Saukrates has set a high bar for lyrical proficiency and musical versatility. His impact isn’t just in his music but in his mentorship of the next generation, nurturing the talents of many upcoming Canadian rappers.

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