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Ranking the Top 12 Best Raekwon Guest Verses of All Time

Pusha T once crowned Ghostface Killah and Raekwon as having the most timeless flows in hip hop. He’s got a strong argument for it, if you ask me.

Have a listen to Raekwon spitting on the Wu’s debut back in 1993 and then listen to him on something more recent like Lil Wayne’s “More to the Story” and you’ll see that Chef hasn’t lost a step these past 30 years. The aggression might be a little tamer and the flow a bit slower, but Rae’s penmanship remains immaculate and his storytelling chops as vivid as always.

As one of the best rappers to emerge from the ’90s , over the years Chef has also put together an impressive catalogue of feature appearances for other rappers ranging from Fat Joe to Kanye West. We’re going to take a look at the dopest Chef features on this list.

From “Meth vs. Chef” and “Raw Hide” to “Eye For An Eye” and “Skew It on the Bar-B,” here are the top 12 best Raekwon guest verses of all time.

12. Kanye West ft. Raekwon & Kid Cudi – “Gorgeous”

My_Beautiful_Dark_Twisted_Fantasy 1024X1024

Released: November 22, 2010

Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Producer: Mike Dean, No I.D. & Kanye West

Ayy, yo
I done copped Timbs, lived in lenses, kid
Armani suits, fresh fruits, Bally boots, and Benzes
Counting up, smoking, one cuff
Live as a red Jag', a Louis bag, grabbin' a blunt, fuck it
Steam about a hundred and one L's
Kites off to jails, buyin' sweats, running up in Stetson
Nigga hat game was special
It matched every black pair of Nikes, throwing dice for decimals
The older head, bolder head, would train a soldier head
Make sure he right in the field, not a soldier dead
That meant code red, bent off the black skunk
The black Dutch, back of the old shed
If you can't live, you dying, you give or buy in
Keep it real or keep it moving, keep grinding
Keep shining, to every young man, this is a plan
Learn from others like your brothers Rae and Kanye

11. Fat Joe ft. Nas, Big Punisher, Jadakiss & Raekwon – “John Blaze”

Top 10 Best Raekwon Guest Verses Of All Time Fat Joe

Released: September 1, 1998

Album: Don Cartagena

Producer: Ski Beatz

My son cool out (What), don't beef, yo, throw the tool out
Let's run these niggas, kidnap they work, make 'em move out
Crushed hash, hands is like glass, keep the heat in the dash
Did some dirt for some work, caught a gash
The flicker blocker, wicked sneaker rocker footwear
Strike me out, God, stackin' up joints, rack 'em like Footlocker
This is raw, raw like fuck kid, represent here to Crenshaw
Hold my words stronger than a Benz store
Relentless, the anthology consolidated with the quickness
Dress up in the wig and blouse, killer sickness
Lex imagination large, gold cards
Beat the bogus squad brains that connect, put on the Older God
Specialist, iciclist, Woolrich collar
Feelin' the rich, work for every dollar, don't snitch
That's why broke niggas who got heart, God, sign 'em up
Start the wind up, we John Blazin, don up in the line up

10. Method Man ft. Raekwon – “Meth vs. Chef”

Rappers With The Most Platinum Albums Of All Time Method Man

Released: November 15, 1994

Album: Tical

Producer: RZA

I'm goin all out kid no turnbacks
You could try to front, get smoked and that's that
Lyric assassin, dressed in black rugged
Sixteen shots to your mug, from a slug then
I go to war in a concrete jungle, making bundles
Niggas act funny, and fumble
But I relax, count my shells, a lot of heads gotta fly
Niggas stay strapped, armed to die
Time for jet-black Tim boot, flowin
Wha-Su God get him, hit em with the nine troop
No question, cha-cha-BOW in the session
Bloodshot in that direction, cypher
Attack you like chess moves best move
Yo, yeah, yo
The boards, your ass
'Tack, 'tack, 'tack, uh!
Attack the boards like chess moves, best move
At Rae through, comin at your motherfuckin crew
Live direct, yeah you better step
Gunshots ring on the set
Let's jet - motivate, to the gate
With some quick high Rae stay fly, and rob your Isle
Airwaves, yo behave
Now you're a slave with the boots that paved the way

9. Big Boi ft. Andre 3000 & Raekwon – “Royal Flush”

Top 10 Best Raekwon Guest Verses Of All Time Big Boi

Released: March 24, 2008

Album: N/A

Producer: The Flush

They sellin' glass, lean blastin', machinery swing past
Next stop, Bowling Green, bling flashin'
Glow my ass off, po-po, they try to harass
My dough, ching cash, and I sit in my castle, bent
You know the W that come from Dirty Bast
Bird baths, love to stunt, we got burners with gas
Fly past, buy NASA, caught up with the cash
Why blast when you know we in your crib? Bypass
I mastered (What?), the treasurer of gettin' ass
Whip Aston, red pipe and leather, slick nasty
Sassy (Shit), but at the same time raspy
Plug me a thug, your mother eatin' plaster

8. Ol’ Dirty Bastard ft. Method Man & Raekwon – “Raw Hide”

100 Rappers Their Age Classic Album Ol Dirty

Released: March 28, 1995

Album: Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version

Producer: RZA

Yo, check the bulletproof fly shit, strong like Thai Stick
Then I'll remain to tear your frame while I freaks it
Like some fly new sneaks and shit
Now eat my shit, bitch tried to creep and got hit
Now regulate, and I'll be out to set up a date
Wu-Tang is bangin' like a Ron G tape
RZA pump the shit just like a shotty
Watch me run it like John Gotti
Collidin' on the track like gin and watty
Check the calendar, I warn any challenger
To step up {*whoosh*} feel the blast from the silencer

7. AZ ft. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah – “New York”

Top 10 Best Raekwon Guest Verses Of All Time Az

Released: September 6, 2005

Album: A.W.O.L.

Producer: Emile Haynie

You know the town stupid, this is all authentic ground
You can get poked, grabbed and choked, then shot up, for product
Bank holders stay in the lab, too many dumb niggas is scheming
You can get murked up in the cab
Shout out to niggas that be jerking tags, rollin' in Jags
Good boy leathers, hood boys'll blast you
Niggas that carry ones and hit grass
And love hip hop, the shit that bring money outta ziplocs
Protect your dome, I'm warning you, what harm I do to the kid
I have you on the floor with ya armor loose
Break the raw down and sign truces
Then switch the next muthafuckin' date, fuck all excuses
When you see me it's real, I'm just a natural born hustler
The castle where they wrap you in plastic, duke
So every soldier that's armed, remind your general
It's critical, you might stay a night, if you presentable

6. Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon & Cappadonna – “Iron Maiden”

50 Greatest Rap Posse Cuts Of All Time Ironman

Released: October 29, 1996

Album: Ironman

Producer: RZA

Yo, Gambino niggas who swipe theirs
Deluxe rap cavaliers
Midgets who steal beers, give 'em theirs
Sit back jollyin'
My team be gaming like Three-card Molly and
Drug Somalians pollying
Mittens raps they crocheting
A-yo Iron, these niggas portraying
But haven't been paying
For real, slide on these niggas like a fresh pair
Caesar fade style, usually tuck grenade
Throw a blade, fuck getting laid
Guzzle this shit like Gatorade
Day to day Wallies half leather, half-suede
Connecting with the high stylist, dun
Light up a chalice
I run with nothing but the wildest, foulest
Come on now, long-dick style
Niggas on the hit out, ay yo Iron bite my shit out
Eventually, bust a rap gun mentally
Been doing this a century kid, just meant to be
Get on your knees and bless me with a gem in the Caribbean
Skiin' off white BM
Snatch Canadian cream with Scandinavians
Palladium style, play it like thirty-two Arabians
The greatest lesson is don't owe, you might get stole on
When I go bury me with velour on

5. Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon – “The Faster Blade”

50 Greatest Rap Posse Cuts Of All Time Ironman

Released: October 29, 1996

Album: Ironman

Producer: RZA

A-yo! Movin' on these niggas like they owe, so, bro
You know how we go, we go, shift 'em out like perico
Fine, protégés off top connectin' like a buildin'
Four dollar whylin' niggas buildin', savin' the children
Come on now, check out the view like a oceanfront
Slow-motion in cunt, takin' what we want
You know a kid Asiatic, holdin' power like a Craftmatic
You like your fish fried or battered? — That day, he ratted
Check out the rubies from Diana, jet-skiin' in Atlanta
Makin' some power moves out of Savannah
Yeah, rock them niggas like jewelry
Arabics movin' blow like aerobics — That's when his nose itch
Yeah, that means it's all in effect
I'm hittin' you, I'm hittin' Buddha
Out in Bermuda, send that twenty-shot Ruger
Continue to slam and mend you like a venue
Get all up in you, oh yeah, your friend too, respect Wu
Yeah, keep them faggot niggas watery
Rhyme for rich niggas who supported me
Shorty pussy extorted me
So it's a science now, RZA, cuttin' they pockets like scissors
Cindafella found him a Wally slipper
Splashin' ends in the glass Benz in Nevada
Flashin' gems, eight-and-a-half Timb state robber
All my life been on some foul shit besides kidnap a child shit
Get on some foul and proud shit
Cheatin' many Koreans, bein' all that I can be an'
Put down on thirty keys an' get to fleein', light up a tree an'
Don't be breezin' like a blow dryer
Yo, you's a liar like Jeremiah gamin' on the flyer
Yo, Barbarian niggas is carryin', thug drug marryin'
Hittin' Marion off at the Clarion
All my Spanish niggas love us
We movin' like Russia, bone crusher
At the flick, stick the usher
Broke niggas — spot 'em like Cascade in the street masquerade
Faster Blade

4. Pete Rock ft. Raekwon, Ghostface Killah & Prodigy – “Tha Game”

50 Greatest Rap Posse Cuts Of All Time Soul Survivor

Released: November 10, 1998

Album: Soul Survivor

Producer: Pete Rock

Call me the black champion, Guess down, wanna test now?
So let's grab the mack and vest, bless him if he stressed out
Amazin', blazin' Purple Haze spaceships
Blazin' asians in Mercedes Benz stations
Yo! Movin' through the tavern, guns that burn, sons that learn
Stabbin' an intern, corporate book of words
Iceatollah Motorola's, gun reloaders, broads with rollers
When wet lens stole us, Lex glowers who owe us
Call up Commissionary Gordon
Son, go warn the Warden that the lord is back
Rollin' with his sword again
Mixtape, masturbation mate, rate plates ice traits
Guns with bitches jumpin' outta white cakes
It's on, for real, indeed, Lex Leonardo
Shells that's hollow, six whipper through the 52 globe of horror
Carry the stainless steel armor
Nurture the church avenue drama, yo, African gold from Ghana
Puffin' these marijuanas make Allah catch Alzheimer's
Feedin' bread to birds, yellin' "Fuck old timers!"

3. Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon & Cappadonna – “Daytona 500”

50 Greatest Rap Posse Cuts Of All Time Ironman

Released: October 29, 1996

Album: Ironman

Producer: RZA

Say peace to cats who rock MAC Knowledge Knowledges
Street astrologists, light up the mic, God—acknowledge this
Fly joints that carry two points, Corolla Motorola holder
Play it, god, E-pack over the shoulder
Chrome tanks, player like Yanks, check the franchise
Front on my guys, my enterprise splash many lives
Repel all fakes like reflectors
He had sugar in his ear in his last crack career
We can can him, manhandle him, if you wanna
Run in his crib-o, get ditto, skate like a limo
And jet to the flyest estate, relate take a break
Break down an eighth and then wait, drop it like Dre
Thugs they be booing and screwing, we canoeing
Claim they doing the same shit we doing—fuck the union
It's the same style, RZA’s train aboard, jump the turnstile
On the island, he tried to challenge God for the new Bal's
Especially that, aluminum bat in the Ac'
Relax, lay back, sell a grenade a da—it pays, black
The Mac-10 flex wipe cats like Windex
Index finger be sore busting these fly scripts
The Wally kid count crazily, grands revive lands
Laying with my bitches and my mans in Lex Lands
We losing 'em, jet to the stash in Now Jerusalem
Abusing 'em, rocking his jewels, like we using 'em
Low-pro star, seven thick waves rock Polar
Roll with the older Gods, build with the Sun, Moon and Star

2. Mobb Deep ft. Nas & Raekwon – “Eye For An Eye”

Greatest Three Album Runs In Hip Hop History Mobb Deep

Released: April 25, 1995

Album: The Infamous

Producer: Havoc

Hold up, and analyze the wildcats slang cracks
They swing in Ac's, the new routines be my eyes
Blacks playin' corners, glancin' all up in your cornea
Corner ya, seen cats snatch monies up on ya
But late night, candlelight fiend with a crack pipe
It's only right, feelin' higher than an airplane, right
Word, yo, I wanna get this money then blow
Take my time, blast a nine, if you front, you go
Sip beers — the German ones, hand my guns to sons
Shaolin and Queensbridge, we robbin' niggas for fun
But still, write my will out to my seeds then build
Mahalia sing a tale, but the real, we still kill

1. OutKast ft. Raekwon – “Skew It on the Bar-B”

Best Hip Hop Album Every Year Since 1986 Aquemini

Released: November 23, 1998

Album: Aquemini

Producer: Organized Noize

Deliver this through your audio, ghetto mafioso
Grow hydro, then bag it up slow
Price that, longevity suggest make moves slow
Take time, grow eight, react nine, blow
Hydro slide raw like fuck Ronaldo
Fly ride, though, shit lookin' wild dope
Then glide, yo, flippin' the page, I go
Watch five-o, jump on my meat, ride slow
Watch those undercovers, cop those, rock those
Glock blows, leave 'em baggy and collect, spot closed
Keep a watch froze, lean on the yacht, wash clothes
Let the chop blow, bag a half a block, plot grows, what?
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